Interviewing Alice

Henny: “So do you have to do things you don’t like but you have to do it and now you understand why you need to do it?”
Alice: “Yes, it’s tidying up my room.”
Henny: “So, why do you have to do it?”
Alice: “So that I can find my things easily.”
Henny: “And also why”
Alice: “If you don’t you can’t find things”
Henny: “Ok, Bye”

Alice: “Have your mom let you do something that you don’t want to do but now you understand why you have to do it?”
Henny: “Yes, Playing piano”
Alice: “Why do you don’t like it?”
Henny: “Because I have to practice 1hour everyday.”
Alice: “So why’s it helpful?”
Henny: “When I go to high school I can have a better lead when getting in the school because I have the talent. ”
Alice: “And what?”
Henny: “Chinese cultural writing.”
“Because I have to stand for 90 minutes with no conditioning so I hate it.”
“Ok thank you”









by: HennyplayzYT






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