Interviewing Alice

Henny: “So do you have to do things you don’t like but you have to do it and now you understand why you need to do it?” Alice: “Yes, it’s tidying up my room.” Henny: “So, why do you have to do it?” Alice: “So that I can find my things easily.” Henny: “And also […]

My AMPed Project

Hello everyubody, today we are going to tell you about my AMPed project. My AMPed project is about paper airplanes and how they work. So far I am working on the keynote presentation.       Thanks for reading and subscibe if you like. YouTube: HennyplayzYT URL:

The Imegration Project

_______ today we had a immigration project about entering another country with visa ,passport ,etc… we randomly choose the country we are from. Each country had deferent things some had iPads, some had snacks, some had glue sticks and some had other stuff. My group was Thailand. We had glue sticks. We had to borrow […]

My Spring Break

In spring break I stayed at home, I had a sleep over at my friends house for one day and than my friend came to my house for 2 days. I also went to horse back riding with my sister at guangming. I like horse back riding so we are deciding to go horse back […]

The TIME Museum

Today 4th grade have gone to the TIME museum. It is a museum that is put on by 8th graders. I played the Morse code game, if you want to play it, tap this link: I learned about the technology, transportation, and education over time. It is good. I think that the Morse code […]

4th Grade Musical Concert

we had a musical concert on march 21, 2017. The orders are 4a, 4B than 4C. 4a did peter peter and from wibbleton to wobbleton, than 4B did eastside westside, and old dan tucker. Than we did the canoe song, and than wild cat. I did congas in the canoe song and recorder in wild […]


In math, we have learned about geometry, lines, angles and more. We are now learning about symmetry, how to see if shapes are symmetry or not. We also learned about measuring angles. What is right angle, acute angle and abtuse angle. We even got to draw our own angles. I hope you injoy this blog […]

我的信仰(this I believe)

在中文课我有机会表达我的信念,通过想法添加“我相信。从cbs爱德华R.穆罗的国家公共广播节目。这个学习选择来自Lill和G女士,他们在SIS Bayside教学。下面是我的声音,请听到我,并发表评论。有更多的声音,你可以在这里找到他们分享。 Subscribe for if you like!

World War II

 We are making a video about World War II in class. I chose it because I know a lot about it. We filmed about a dad being drafted to war and th kids missed him for 6 years. And finally he came back. And they came back to the 2017 world.   Subscibe if you […]

I Like Playing Soccer

Imagine a world with no soccer, won’t it be boring? I like soccer because I can play it with my friends, I can get good exercise, and it’s popular all around the world. The first reason is that I can play with my friends. I can invite lots of friend and we can still play. […]