Chinese project interview

Evan: 你可以告诉我你最喜欢的中国节日吗?
Elisha: 我最喜欢中秋节,因为我们可以吃月饼,还可以看月亮。
Evan: 你为什么要看月亮?
Elisha: 因为月亮很圆很大,你还会看到兔子的影子呢!
Evan: 那你们还会玩什么其它的东西?
Elisha: 我最喜欢玩跳房子!
Evan: 哦,谢谢!

Evan: Can you tell me about your favorite Chinese festival?
Elisha: I like the Mid-Autumn festival, because we can eat moon cakes, you can also look at the moon.
Evan: Why do you want to look at the moon?
Elisha: Because the moon is round, you will see a rabbit’s shadow on the moon!
Evan: So what other things do you also play?
Elisha: I like to play “jumping house”!
Evan: Oh, thank you

Art Show

The SIS student Art Show was on May 11, 2017. I my artwork is top of the wall, that is my first artwork, tree. I feel great about my first artwork. Thank you, Mrs.Hobbs!
And this is my first artwork:



This year, I learn many things. In reading, I learned Interpreting Characters, non-fiction text, historical Faction. In writing, I learned realistic Fiction, and expository. And in math, I learned many things too, I learned angles, and division. In science and social Studies, I learned soil, rocks, and landforms, I also learned culture.




Fossils are something leave long time ago, it’s like a rock.
Fossils are formed many different ways, long time ago, it was in the sea, but now it was in the ground.
We made our fossils by many things, like: shells, clay……
I learned about where does fossils come from, and some about fossils.



At Saturday, my mother and me went to the lake and fishing. We use fishing pole to get fish. First mom put some food in the water them some fish come and eat the food. We put the fishing pole in the water and waiting. 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours. No any fish came but my mom had three fishes. Then I went to play.
At home, mom ate the fish. But I don’t want to eat it. Because it was very, very dirty.
I’m not catch any fish but I am still very happy!

Learning Comes Alive

Learning Comes Alive

On January 18th our parents came school and see our science experiment. We created a canyon, valley, and delta in our experience. We created a river and a flood. They were very, very different. The river’s water came very slow and the flood’s water came very fast. The water can move sand and clay away. We also made a super flood. We push the wet sand back and had a flood through wet sand. It was very fun because the science experiment is very interesting. Have you ever done an exciting science experiment in class? Please comment below.


Go in Singapore

This Winter vacation, I went Singapore with my family, I was enjoying when I was at the universal studios. There have lot of fun thing to play. first I went to took roller coaster ,because it was very, very fun, the roller coaster likes a snake, it go up and go down, to the left and to the right, and it was very fast, then I went to four different roller coaster, it was all very fun.
Today I’m very happy because all the things are interesting!


Nathan want to be a basketball player
A long time ago,When Nathan was 5 years old,he watched a basketball game,then he falling in love with the basketball.Nathan is fat and tall,he has a big nose,two small eyes and short hair,he likes wear T-shirt.
From the that time,Nathan is very likes basketball,you can see he holds his basketball all the time,he bought a lot of basketball,he likes all the books about the basketball.he want to be a basketball player, but he is not good at basketball,he is unhappy.
He wants to every day play 30 minutes basketball.“bounce bounce”,he plays the basketball
every day.
He thinks,every day play 30 minutes too little,then he wants to play more basketball,he is very busy every day.he run and run, and throw the ball, but he usually can’t score a goal.

Basketball player
He asks his friend Andrew:“I am not good at basketball,but I want to be a basketball player,how to be a basketball player ?”Andrew think and think,he has a good idea,he said to Nathan:“you can join the basketball court.”Then Nathan want to join the basketball court.
At home,Nathan tell his mother:“I want to join the basketball court ,because I not good at basketball,I want to be a basketball player.”his mother said:“That is a good idea,but you need to try very hard after you join the basketball court.”Nathan think:“oh,is not time to play iPad!but I like the basketball best.”
Four months later.Nathan is very good at all basketball!he is happy,he said to Andrew:“Thank you,Andrew!”

Nathan won
Seven years later,Nathan join the basketball game,he is a little be nervous.He wakes up and ran to the garden to play the basketball.
The basketball game is in the afternoon.In the afternoon,Nathan is very nervous,but he said to himself:“Don’t nervous!”Nathan at the basketball filled,first he catch the ball,then he throw the ball,he always score a goal.Then Nathan won,he is very happy,we are happy too!