June 8


Hi my name is Jeffrey and I’m am interviewing Athena.⬆️
Here’s the English version of the interview video.⬇️


Jeffrey: “Hello, what is your name?”

Athena: “My name is Athena.”

Jeffrey: “Okay, my name is Jeffrey. Today I am going to ask you a question.”

Jeffrey: “Can you tell me a story about one thing that you didn’t like to do when you were little but now you understand why you do it?”

Athena: “When I was young, my dad told me to do my homework first, then start playing. Now I know that if I play first, I become tired and I don’t like to do my homework. So I do my homework first every time now I’m used to it.”

Jeffrey: “My mom also told me to do my homework first then start playing. Is that what you meant?”

Athena: “Exactly. It’s kind of like doing something you have to do first, then doing the things that you like to do.”

Jeffrey: “Okay. Thank you for telling me this story. Bye.”

May 9

Design Challenge

Design Challenge
Jeffrey May/3/2017
Today and yesterday, our class are doing the design challenge. This is about a dog who eats human (named Dogzilla) is destroying the city. The only thing to distract her is her ball. We need to make a thing that could shoot the ball into her mouth.
Yesterday my group (me, Gavin and Conrad) is sketching and Designing the thing. It is called a slingshot. It looks like this:
The materials are only:tape, popsicle sticks, rubber band, string, metal string, and scissors. The first thing we thought was a catpill, but then we thought that slingshot will be better. At first we make the bottom part. We used two popsicle sticks and used the tape to tape it side by side. Then we start making the two diagonal sticks. First we tape two sticks together then tape it around with the bottom two sticks. At last we tape the rubber band on the two diagonal sticks. There is also a patch on the rubber band.
Today we test our machines. We use a die instead a real ball. A piece of mat is Dogzilla’s mouth. The teacher asked our team name and we came up idea “Three Slingers”. At last, the team “Essz” and team “Monsters” tied (1v1). The other team (and us) is all 0 points. I figured out that it’s not our slingshot is not good, but our aiming. Our aiming is REALLY bad. If our aiming is not bad, then I think we can have at least one point.
Well, is was to about winning, but about FUN. I have a really nice day.


April 24


Question:What was your project? Did it changed from the beginning? Answer: My project is about writing a book. Yes, it did Change. First I did a project about Plants but then I changed my mind. I want to write a book.
Question:What were some challenges? Answer: My challenges are: there is not much time.
Question:What did you learn? Answer: I learned that I should use more vocabulary(someone who wrote this comment to me).
Question:What would you have done differently? Answer: I should have recheck(revise and edit) it more carefully. That’s because in the prologue, for the last sentence I accidentally deleted something so I have to write it.


April 11

Immigration Checkpoint

10 April 2017

Immigration Checkpoint
Today(April.10.2017), we fourth grade had the immigration checkpoint on level 5. Immigration means when you move to a new place. And it is NOT a vacation. The whole point of this ‘game’ is to know how will people from other countries feel when they migrate(EMPATHY). Forgot to tell you, we were trying to got to Utopia, and imagine that it is a perfect place. But remember, you might got the country Sierra Leone or Syria. In the ‘game’, you might be poor, dirty, and have disease so you can’t go to the country. There are six country you might be from in the ‘game’: Canada, Germany, Mexico, Sierra Leone, Syria, and Thailand. Our ‘family'(me,Manu, Iris, and Jeha), got Canada. Well this country is rich, so we can easily pass all of the checkpoints. At morning we need to research about our country. Here is a picture.
The first one is checking the passports. Basically it’s just checking the passport information and see if you is really you. Then we went forward up. There’s like a person with some kind of stick to check if there is anything metal in your pocket and stuff you could put things in. Then it is the health check.
They ask about your health because they didn’t what the sick people to go in there country. At last we fill in the visa and there’s the visa check. The person asks your age and stuffs about you. At last we’re in Utopia! And we are the first to get in!!! My thinking is not changed because I have a feeling before how unfair feels like. Today is sooo fun!!!

(This part is for fourth grade teachers…) For suggestions, I suggest that buy costumes to make it more real. Also maybe decorate Utopia better.





March 23

Time Museum

Time Museum
Jeffrey 4B TOP3:
The first experience that I learned was: In the past, they’ve used the “ring toss” as an entertainment.
The second experience that I learned was: People used a spinning wheel and the spinning wheel gain water 💦 in the little space on the spinning wheel. Then the spinning wheel will put the water 💦 from low place to high place. Or it can make electricity.
The favorite exhibition I liked is the Mose thing. You type in your name or whatever you like and it will translate into Mose language. And it kind of makes a music 🎶.

March 8

Science Exhibition Field Trip

At afternoon, fourth grade went to bayside for science 🔬. There were lots of interesting projects like the Tomato 🍅 Sprouts and the Gum project but what I like the best was Cheet-Otis Elevator 9000!
Well you need to do it step by step and that’s how it works. First you will choose a snack that you but no bigger than a square! Then you but the snack on the black thing which it looks like a long chair, and you need to get a tissue. You just push the “long chair” and the snack will fall into the elevator. The wire will be touched to the D-Cell and the elevator will go up to the top(you will be holding the tissue at the bottom of the big hole!). At the end someone will push the elevator to the right and the snack will fall in the big hole, then the snack will be on your tissue.
Hooray 😁! You got your snack! And that how it ends. We went back to parkside and we go over the homework 📚. And that how it ends.


February 23

Nanshan Mountain (Field Trip)

Nanshan 🏞 Mountain
A field trip for science 🔬

Jeffrey – February 22, 2017
In February 17,2017, our grade went to the Nanshan mountain for a field trip(and it is also for science!). Our mission is to take two soil sample(one on the bottom, one on the top)and to take a lot of photos of weathering,erosion and deposition.

On the way up, it was very steep. We took one soil sample on the base(that place is very stinky). We also discovered some new rocks like quartz and some weathered trees like a tree we saw that fell down. It was a long way up, but we discovered more intresting things. I saw a long snake but it was actually a tree root that looks like a snake. We ate lunch at about 800-900 steps, and my lunch is one of my favorite food: fried rice with sausages and fried eggs. Then I kept walking until I saw Evan. He was at a temple,and when you got there, you could see the whole shekou (maybe)!!!

We went down and up and down and up until we see Mr.Sheppard. We went down the walking way. That way is also steep and the trees stuck out the way so we need to be careful if our head bumped the trees. And we’re finally down to the ground-at the Fraser Place parking lot (I think). We bought ice cream to “get our strength back” and we’re finally back to school.

at the point that we could see shekou.

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February 7

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year
In the Chinese New Year, I had a sleepover with Andrew, Oliver, and Alex (Oliver’s brother)in Andrew’s. We first went back to Andrew’s house after dinner in Elisha’s restaurant. We taked a bath and then we played PVP together in minecraft. In minecraft, there were like a small village but have intresting things. There were railway underground, shops, playhouse, and almost all the weapons in minecraft.

That night, we went to sleep around 11’O clock. I can’t sleep ’cause I am too excited what we will do tomorrow. I am also a bit worried about “not save in Andrew’s.” But after thinking too many things in my mind I got so tired and I finally got asleep until morning. The sun is shining up high, it was kind of cold but I felt warm in my heart. I went down the bunk bed (I’m on the top bunk) and I accidentally woke up Alex (he’s on the bottom). We were hungry so we ate some of the snacks (we didn’t want to get Andrew’s mom awake).

At breakfast, we have pancake, bread, and milk. Now we’re so hungry so we just eat and eat and eat like hungry wolves. After that, we rode bikes to the sports field and played soccer and basketball. In the afternoon, we played PVP in minecraft again and we played monopoly. I always get died in PVP’cause I’m not so good at it. What a fun sleepover!!!


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January 18

My Winter Break

My Winter Break
This years winter break was fantastic!!! First we went to Yabuli ClubMed with Andrew (the big one), Hugh, Nathan, Jay, Andrew (the small one), Leah, Rainy, Eva, Elisha, parents, and of course me. We went there just for one week so its kind of short. Well, there is snow so you would think we went there to ski (correct!). Let me tell you what do we do in this week.
Ski was kind of a hard thing to do but if you skied before, then it’s easier for you to learn. We’re first in flake 2 (it means you never skied before),and the coach need to tell us what shall we do. The coach tell us some basic movements like stop, move forward and ‘initiative fall ‘. In flake 2 we have to pass all the hoops so we can level up to star 1. In star 1 we just need to go halfway down the hill. We also learned something: when you ski down the hill, you do kind of a squat and then you rise up to the normal position, but you need to do it back and forth, back and forth. Then I level up to star 2, which is the second highest level in ski (at least in this ClubMed). Well, in this level we need to ski from the mountain top all the way to the bottom, which is kind of a difficult challenge for a lot of people. But for me, it went kind of success! The coach said ‘You are doing a great job, keep it up!’ Kind of a thing,which made me very, very, MAD (just kidding 😜, it is actually happy).
Now, just want to tell you something, I got all these bruises from wearing the ski shoes. So you better wear a little bigger size ski shoes! We also got awards too! It’s a badge and mine looks like there’s a sliver snowflake and a star at the bottom of the snowflake. Now the week is already over…and I wish I could go there again!!!

The End


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