During this year I learned many different things in math, social studies, and reading.
In math I learned about decimals and adding decimals and subtracting decimals. I did pretty well in adding and subtracting decimals but I struggled  a little in putting decimals in the right place. We also learned a state called big to small multiply all, small to big divide the pig. I think this state was very funny.
In social studies I learned about civilization and we also made a keynote presentation about civilization! We presented our keynote to our parents and my classmates. I really had fun during this unit. We got our informations from the Sumerians, Egyptian, and the Incas. We pretended that our parents were the Nomads so it was even funnier.
In reading We wrote about authors craft techniques, important themes, and compare and contract. We also had a reading group which me and my team read the same book and answered the same questions. What will we learn next year?

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