Social Studies-Civilization Guide For Nomads

I had to make a keynote about how to make a good and long lasting civilization. I had to put information on each slides. The topics on the slides were from what you need to do first and what you need to do last. I also had a slide of something you shouldn’t have and the credits. The first slide was about finding a good environment and agriculture. My second slide was cites and architecture. Third slide Job specialization. Forth slide trade and written language. Fifth slide government. Sixth is the one your not supposed to have, decline. Last is … Continue reading Social Studies-Civilization Guide For Nomads

AMPed Reflection

IMG_0746-1s8qaum What was your project? Did it change from the beginning? My project was building a lego tie-fighter. It changed because I didn’t have resources for a boat. What would you have done differently? Maybe I wouldn’t partner up and not building but making people walk. What were some challenges? Some challenges were that some pieces of the tie-fighter were missing. Also sometimes the iMovie or Pic Collage had glitches. What did you learn? I learned more tools in iMovie to make it more cool.


My AMPed project is going great. I’m building a tie-fighter. But every single step I take a photo because I’m also doing a stop-motion video. Im working with a partner/friend for this project. We’re both doing stop-motion but different topics. Mine is the tie-fighter and his is the Syrian civil war. We’re working together because his bomber is my tie-fighter. We’re planning to have our two videos side by side. Also when I’m done building my tie-fighter it’s going to take off an go to theother video and go on from there. I’m almost done with my tie-fighter. I only … Continue reading AMPed

SIS Immigration Checkpoint

At the SIS immigration checkpoint it wasn’t fair. There were super long lines. Some people didn’t have pens/pencils or glue sticks to fill out your passport. Also people that got Canada or Germany went through quickly and were first to get stuff. And other countries had to wait a long time. I learned that poor countries have to wait and wait to get through immigration.This experience was meant to teach how unfair immigration is. My thinking has not changed because even though some people (like me) didn’t get in to Utopia in time but we still got everything but watching … Continue reading SIS Immigration Checkpoint

Time Museum Learning I learned that farmers feed their pigs till they are fat then kill them. I also learned that clothes in the 1970-1990 were really weird. Another thing I learned is that some artists broke the art rule. That is 3 things I learned.


Classcraft is a fun game to make your class game like. There is xp points that you can use to level up. There are outfits that you can put on your character. There is also hp that goes down if you do something bad. There are also cool powers that you can use. There are other things in Classcraft that you can see for yourself.

SIS Science Exhibition

Sis Science Exhibition Color affecting oxygen production with leafs. What was there evidence? The evidence was that he took photos and recorded his data. What did he learn? He learned that red, orange, and sunlight make leafs produce oxygen faster then green and blue. What was he trying to find out? He wanted to see which color made the leafs float to the top faster.

Nanshan Field Trip

There was lots of fun on Mt. Nanshan. One of the adventures was getting lost with other kids. That happened to some kids ( one was me ) because our chaperone didn’t say that she was getting a rest. We got lost for about 30 mins. It was weird because it was sort of scary, fun, dangerous, and funny. We went on till we got almost to the top and had lunch. It was funny because there were so many different foods from different countries ( because our school is international ). I ate half my lunch to save it … Continue reading Nanshan Field Trip

My Chinese New Year

This is my Chinese New Year (CNY) break. This break I stayed in China. Most of the time I played my iPad or the PS4. I got a game called Battlefront. It’s a Star Wars game that has multiplayer/online, survival, training, and battles. It’s for the PS4. I beat so much of it. Sometimes when I play my iPad I FaceTime my friend Kaj (That is because at my school we get iPads). We FaceTime so we can get on the same server on a game called Roblox. Sometimes I also got shown around Kaj’s house in Holland. Winter was … Continue reading My Chinese New Year

My winter break

P.S. This is part of my winter break Joshua 2017 Jan 13 My winter break in San Francisco First my dad drove me, Dylan, Marinne, and Anthony (who are friends). Then me, my dad, and Dylan went to my dad’s cousin’s (who is named Gavin) house. There I saw my two younger cousins Even and Oliver. I played with them a little bit then got bored and went upstairs. After only me, Gavin, my dad, and Dylan ate at a Mexican restaurant. Then we went back to the hotel and went to sleep faster then normal because we knew there … Continue reading My winter break