interviewing Rainy

Interviewing Rainy
Kiki : what holiday you like the best?
Rainy : I like new year better.
Kiki : why do you like new year?
Rainy : because at new year me and my family can reunion, and I can get many red packet (inside have money)
Kiki : you like money?
Rainy : yes because then I can buy the thing I want to buy!
Rainy : so now I am saving money.
Kiki : what do you do at new year?
Rainy : sometimes we will play firecrackers.
Kiki : who do you play with?
Rainy : I’ll play with my neighbor , Andrea , and Tony.
Kiki : then what do you eat at new year?
Rainy : I’ll eat some dumplings.
Kiki : are you always doing new year at home?
Rainy : yes but sometime I’m also doing new year at my mom home.
Rainy : also sometime I will go to my dad house to doing new year.
Rainy : I can play many thing at my dad house (for new year).
Rainy ; we can play firecrackers on any times and my dad house community have swing , I like to play swing!
Kiki : do you got many money on new year?
Rainy : yes.
Kiki : who do you be with at new year?
Rainy : I will be with my grandmother, grandfather, cousin, mom and dad and brother.
Kiki : wow! you have a big family!
Rainy : yes.
Kiki : so this is all of the reasons that you like new year?
Rainy : yes.


My AMPed project

My AMPed project is drawing/design clothes and dresses also we have model look
They are Summer, Conrad, and Manu
,Jessica too!
I like my AMPed project it is what I like and I am good at drawing I am happy when it was APMed fair because all the work I been do ,all the people see my work! A challenge was when it was AMPED fair because I have a little bit shy so I was tension, thank goodness my friend Summer was with me. I learn everything is hard but when you done everyone can see your beautiful work! I will have a big change at next year because at next year I will change to drawing a cartoon!


Me designing cloth

My model (friend too)