Unit 1 in 5th Grade

Fifth grade is great so far! I never knew it was this fun!

In writing, we learned about writing a narrative story. My story is called Lost¬†and the main characters are Raina and the woman. It is about Raina missing the bus to go home without any emergency money. It was very short, but it had lots of details when I described the setting.I think I can improve more on writing the character’s changes from the beginning to the end. I learned a lot when we learned how to edit like checking to put the dialogues correctly.

In reading, we learned about the story elements. We also learned about the CROPQVS which is connections, reactions, opinions, predictions, questions, visualize, and summary. We also learned to find the theme in a book and compare and contrast. I think I improved on finding themes. We also did 2 reading assessments. We did one at the beginning, then we learned a ton of stuff. When we learned all the things, we did an assessment again to see what we learned.

In math, we learned about the decimals of a place value chart. We learned how to multiply and divide decimals by powers of 10, exponents, the metric unit conversions, comparing the value of the digits, read and write decimal numbers, placing numbers on a number line, adding/subtracting, and last but not least, comparing numbers to the nearest tenths. I think the most hardest one was comparing numbers to the nearest tenths.

In social studies, we learned about making a civilization. We learned about the Sumerians, Incas, and Ancient Egypt. We also made our own presentation about making a civilizations but for nomads only. Even if I got so nervous when I had my presentation, making the presentation was the most fun thing for me. Everyone had to do their presentation, so we got to see a lot of great ideas. Some of the people had the same pictures. At the beginning of the presentation, I was so terrified that I almost had no sound but after I got to the middle, I realized that it was not that terrifying.

In music, we started our unit, body percussion. We learned a lot of body percussion and we composed our own body percussion. We made 2 body percussion with our partner and then shared it to the class. We also got to make a “(partner) team name and our team name is called “The Bacon Girls”. The most fun thing for me was when we shared our body percussion to the whole class because we got to see what other people’s body percussion was like. We also had a game day so we got to play a game. The game was something that you have 2 teams and you need to score a point. There is 4 levels and each level gets harder and harder.

In art, we started our art project and it’s called a Mandala project. It was basically drawing and tracing like copy, paste, copy, paste and keep doing that until you finish it and start coloring. It is not too boring, because it is the best project EVER. Some people are already done, and some people are still tracing. I like tracing the most because it is fun and it is very fun to trace on a window/light table.

In PE, we finished our project, invasion games. We played all kinds of tag games. For example, ankle tag. We also played net ball which was basically like basketball but you can’t dribble or move with the ball. We also got started with our second unit, swimming. Swimming was just swimming so we learned how to kick, just to make sure everyone knew how to kick and stuff like that.

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