Spirit Land chapter 1



Bump! Kiki looked out the window. Her blonde curled hair going down her head to her waist. She turned her head to the side. She started to take the blanket of her body. She opened the suitcase and popped a mochi in her mouth. She wished that her parents were there. The train stopped. Kiki got of. The train disappeared. She was standing in water. She walked. The ocean got deeper. Kiki’s hair faded blue it blowed in the wind and halfway faded purple. She dived and turned into her Dolphin form. She swam to the temple. She jumped onto the dock in her spirit form. She walked in. And she went through the portal

Art Show reflection

Art show
By: Kyra, May/12/2017

The SIS art show was last night. But we went there for a mini field trip. My artwork that was on display was my self portrait. We had to copy a picture of ourself but when we drew it we couldn’t lift are pencil up. I feel bad about my artwork. It is bad. Creating it was kinda hard. We couldn’t lift it up and I couldn’t erase! I wish I could when I look back.Comment down below what was your worst art.


The perfect country on earth (Utopia isn’t a real country).
On the 10th of April we acted as if we were migrating to Utopia! Our group was from Sierra Leone. We moved because of religious reasons. We had to go though Immigration, Visa, Health, Security, and Arrival. Some of the hard things were that we had to be in waiting. Jason and Simon peeked through a space and got in trouble. And, this made it so we had to wait a lot. If you were from Canada and Germany it was easier, because they zoomed through and got to watch Moana. They had iPads and good health. We had bad health, cholera. They were lucky. The difficult challenge was we didn’t fill out the passport right two times. We didn’t do our names all in capital letters and we forgot to a last name.

The Time Museum

Time Museum
March 23 2017 Day-4

Today we went to the Time Museum on Level 5, where 8th-9th graders from Bayside had exhibits. They did subjects on how it was in the past, present, and future. Some exhibits that I saw were: translations into Morse code, school punishments in the past, clothes in the past to present, and more. The purpose, I think, was to show what differences there are between the present, past, and future. My favorite exhibit was the transportation one. We got to make paper boats. Also I liked the trade one. There was a fun world-trade game. We started in the UK with three clothes, furniture, and guns. Then we went to Africa and traded some of our items for slaves (😭😭😭). Then we headed to America and traded slaves for cotton. Then we headed back to the UK with the stuff we had left.

I liked the Time Museum. Comment down below on your most fun museum trip!


Fossils are:
Is a part of an animal form long ago that has been turned into rock
Fossils are formed when
A living creature dies and has been covered by soil clay and more and the soft parts decompose and leave the hard part in the same place water can come and bring minerals and that keep the bones from decomposing.

We made are own by:
-plaster of paris

I learned:
That fossils can tell us about the past, and that there are different ways fossils form.

KeKaiMaLu The Wolphin

KeKaiMalu the wolphin
Splish!! Splash!! KeKaiMalu splashed her tail. My brother, Dad, mom, and I went to the Sea Life Park in O’ahu, Hawaii.We paid to swim with the dolphins. I was so nervous. One of the trainers came up to us and said, “Today we are swimming with KeKaiMalu. She is half whale, half dolphin.” KeKaiMalu came up to us and popped her head out of the water. She was so cute! We spread out so we could give her a back rub. Her back felt like plastic. Then we got to ride on her back and stomach. She seemed as fast as a car (not really;). Then we rested by rubbing her belly. After that, we continued the rides.We got to see KeKaiMalu do tricks. She flipped, splashed, spoke, waved her tail and more.

Comment down below what’s your favorite sea animal. Mine is KeKaiMalu the wolphin!

Skating Party

Skating Party
Click clack! I was trying to get myself onto the roller-skating rink. I was at my cousin, Ruby’s, birthday party. I hoped she would like the gift I got her. I pushed myself onto the rink. Click clack, click clack! I saw Elise (my other cousin) roller skating towards me. “Kyra!” She shouted and hugged me. We skated and skated for some while until the pizza and sodas came. Then we had cake and ice cream. After that Ruby got to go into the ticket booth and try to get tickets. She got 30 she could play games or get prizes with.  We then skated some more. The rink started glow night. Glow night is when they turn off the lights and colorful lights start glowing. We skated till 9:00 pm. Comment down below⬇️: What your favorite birthday party activity is!