Unit 1 Reflection

Man, it’s been busy since we started our first unit. I’m going to think back on what we learned in this first unit.
In math, we learned about decimal place value. Looking back, I was pretty good at adding and subtracting decimals with a place value chart. I guess I could have been better in remembering whether I need to move to the left or to the right when multiplying decimals on a place value chart.
In writing, we learned how to write narrative stories. Wow, my story sure turned out great! I think I’m good at describing a setting. I wish to work on character transformations in the future.
In reading, we learned about realistic fiction and the parts of a story. I’m great at identifying author’s craft techniques. I’m going to improve in providing evidence for themes.
In social studies, we worked on a Keynote about how to make a civilization. I think I had good information in the decline slide. I wish I had a bit more information in the environment and agriculture slide.
Wow, these five weeks were fun! I really enjoyed the Keynote project and the writing unit! What’s your favorite subject? Comment down below. ↓

Art Show

On May 11, we had our ES Art Show. My art pieces that got in the show are my circuit-tree/ink tree and my contour line self portrait. I was surprised that they got into the show. Here are some photos ↓




On May 4th, we had our Student Led Conference, or SLC. We all had to make our own presentations about our learning and show it to our parents. My SLC presentation went pretty well. It was because I was confident in myself. I felt very nervous. I felt that because it’s hard to give a presentation in front of family members for me. I would have organized my presentation differently. I would have done that because it would be more organized.

The AMPed Fair!

AMPed stands for autonomously mastered purposeful education. My AMPed project was about online safety. I chose this project because many people are getting hacked. The ways my project was successful are that I got many comments. The thing I would do differently is add more fun animations. I learned that on some websites, passwords will expire.

The time museum

Today we went to the time museum. They did things like what it was like in the past compared to what it’s like in the present and also some projects about what it might be in the future. I learned that right now, in some schools, kids have to be punished a lot, such as wearing a hat that says Dunce, or writing a sentence over and over. My favorite area was a paper-boat making area.

Also, here is the view from the roof. ^_^ (It’s a video)



Fossils are bones or imprints of something.

Fossils are made when something dies and sediments press on it for thousands of years.

We made our own fossils with shells, clay, and plaster of Paris.

I learned that fossils are rare because they usually get destroyed before they turn into fossils.

My vacation

During my vacation, I stayed here. I liked it because I watched movies at home, and I got to use the computer. I watched some great movies. The movies I watched are “Moana”, “Trolls” and “Ballerina”. When I got to use the computer, I played Animal Jam. I played Animal Jam because it’s my favorite game. I also made a nice bracelet, which had blue and purple beads and also had some blue pearly beads, which are my favorite type. On Chinese New Year, me and my family did a countdown at midnight. I wasn’t tired at first, but then I got kind of tired because we had to wait a lot. Overall it was a great vacation and my dog seemed to really enjoy it too!

Learning comes alive!

On January 18th our parents came to school for a science experiment. We created a canyon, valley, and delta in our experiment. We created a river and a flood. The river and flood were very different. The water came very slowly for the river and very fast during the flood. It was exiting because our parents were there. We also made a super flood by pushing the wet sand back and having a flood in the wet sand. You would not want to live in a place like that! We also learned that rivers can move rocks from place to place. Water can move sand and clay. Have you ever done an exiting science experiment in class? What was it? Would you want to live next to a river? Comment your answers below.


Water slide on the cruise ship

Flip! Flop! I ran toward the pool in my flip-flops and swimsuit. I kicked off my flip-flops and splashed into the pool. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a water slide. I ran up the stairs and waited in the terribly long line. I bounced on my toes as the lifeguard opened the gate for me. I sat on the slope and pushed off. I was in a dark tunnel. Flashing lights flied past me and suddenly, I was in a clear tunnel. The bottom turned grey and the top disappeared, and I was in a “half-tunnel”. And then, with a big splash, I landed the water.
What was your best vacation? Comment down below. ⬇️