Whole Unit Reflections

This 5 weeks were very busy, we have to learn a lots of things. We learned decimals and place value in math, civilizations in social studies, realistic fiction in writing, and way much more! Well of course I’m not going to write about all of those, in writing the one I like the best and the one which was the most challenging one. First of all the one I like the best is, writing realistic fiction stories because you can chose a topic by yourself. Also, before we have to type it, we have to write down our problem and solution, at least it is still fun. The most challenging unit was creating a keynote for nomads of how to make civilization. We first have to watch the videos that Miss Terrell sent to us and write down and we have to make a keynote that we have to present it to our parents. That was the challenging part. After all, these 2 units was the one that I think was the most challenging and the one I like the most.

Design Challenges

Today we had a little STEAM challenge, we have to get the ball to Dogzilla, unfortunately we didn’t have a real dog and a ball so we used a foam square as Dogzilla and the ball a dye. We had to make a launcher to launch the dye to hit the mat on the wall, well our teacher was expecting us to make a catapult but we thought it was to hard to make a catapult of popsicle sticks so instead we made a slingshot. While we we’re making it cracked a little so we had to restart it process, so later it was more stiff on sturdy and we tried shooting it a it works. Later we had a mach I was in a group called The Slingers cause we built a slingshot. And so we had three rounds, and we have to hit the mat with the dice with our launcher. The first round we got zero points and so do the other teams and the second round we got zero points and one of the other team got a point so they were on the lead, at the last round we got zero points and one of the other team got a point too! So it was two teams got a point and three of the gruops didn’t get any points including our group!! And so for me it was very fun and hard working and I’m the one who will keep the slingshot! ” YAY!!!!!!! ”


AMPed reflection

My project was Making a Treehouse. Yes, it changed I changed it into Making Things out of Recyclable Items. The challenges were deciding what project should you do and making it, at last it was presenting your project because you’ll get nervous. I learned to never give up and try your best. The things I will do differently next time is changing my project more creatively.

My project I did


My dream Husky


Did you ever wanted a funny type of dog? Well the best dog for you is called a Husky, Huskies are
funny because there face looks very funny when they tilt their head and look at you. It’s gonna be the
funniest face you’d ever see. And also if you live in a place that has a lot of snow, the best dog is a Husky, cause Huskies are used to play in snow because they are used to be sled dogs when there were no cars yet, but still there is a sport called sledding which they use Huskies for pulling the sled as fast as they can.
What do Huskies look like

Huskies are very funny and smart looking dogs.

Huskies have a thick undercoat to stay warm in the snow
Huskies fur color is from black to white along with red/ brown color
Huskies eyes can be any color like brown, blue, orange, etc
Huskies tail are usually curled up
Huskies legs are very powerful so they have thick legs
Huskies kinda look like wolfs
Huskies have pointed ears so they can hear far away
Other facts about Huskies
Male Huskies usually weighs 45~60 pounds ( 20~27 kg )
Female Huskies usually weighs 35~50 pounds ( 16~23 kg )
The height of a male Husky is about 53~60 cm tall ( 21~24 in )
The height of a female Husky is about 51~56 cm tall ( 20~23 in )
A liter of a Husky is about 6~8 puppies
Huskies life span about 12~14 years old
If you really like these cute adorable Huskies you want to read my other about dog essay, so stay tuned for our next literary lunge and I’ll be writing about Corgis they are super adorable too! (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)
And if you really like my writing, then please read mine the next time with Corgis. BYE (#^.^#)

SiS immigration checkpoint

Today at school we had the Immigration Checkpoint, and we had a little fun and frustrating game, this game has 6 different countries, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Thailand, Syria, and Sierra Leone. We have to choose what country we are while not looking, we got the country Sierra Leone. We were in our Classcraft groups and we were acting like a family I was big brother and Rachel was the mom, Emanuele was the dad, and 2 little sisters called Elisha and Summer. In the game we had to fill in our passports, then the next was that they have to check our passports to let us go to the next station, that time we got a little trouble, it was that we had to write our names in capital letters and write the last name too! And later like that we had to refill our passports, after that we finally finished this part and on to the security, at the security check they used a fake metal detector made out of cardboard.later we went to fill our visa, we had to fill like were we’re from and what job do you have and any health problems and so on, and also we had a little too! The kids including me accidentally wrote that we had a job and we wrote we have our own kids, and so the kids had to refill it, when the officer was checking our visa they asked us why did we want to migrate, and our reason was that we had a different religion so we had to leave and after that we’re finally in Utopia and also the time was up so that was close! Later we had chocolate and Ice-cream and it was already after school.
The immigration game was very fun cause you can feel how it feels when you are migrating from a different country and also to get ready when we gat older.
Today I learned lots of things, like how hard is it to fill a visa correctly because I had to rewrite it 2 times, and also that I learned is that they have to check your health too!
This experience was meant to teach you that how it feels to migrate that is not in your country.
My thinking is that everyone is always has different difficulty of migrating from one place to another and that everyone has to be fair not like that only white or Asian( yellow ) people can play this and so the people that are not white or Asian ( yellow ) are left out.

TIME museum reflection

At the TIME museum fair I was really excited cause I can see my brother’s presentation and other middle schoolers I Know, the TIME museum fair was about the things from the past and compare to today. Some of the presentations were about the punishments from the past some of the punishments were hitting there hand with a wooden plant and were a hat that says “your very stupid” and write 100 times of “I will be good” my thinking was ” hopefully I wasn’t in that time” .


AMPed project

In AMPed, my class thought about making something that were interested in, I thought of making piece ofART out of recyclable things, well i thought of this idea because I know that many people love/like ART, “right?”. In the first day of my project I asked my classmates to thin of ideas they want my to make and I’ll jot them down on my idea notebook some of them of them are a headphone, pencil case, 3D art work ( a art work made out of 3D things ( Recyclable ), and designs of clothes. The next step I’m planning to do is to pick out the favorite one or add more ideas to it, AMPed really is my favorite activities of all the other ones in my school ( SIS ).

SIS Science Exhibition

Yesterday I went to the SIS Science Fair, the science fair was at BaySide. I saw so many presentations on the way, then I saw my brother too! I really dont understand what his presentation was about because it was to complicated. So I went to a presentation that is about a food elevator so you won’t have to get your hands dirty and lick your fingers, but some kids like to do that. ( one of them is me ) After all I think these middle and high schoolers did a very awesome job. I was very impressed. So cool :).

This is a pic of the food elavator

A trip to NanShan mountain

Last Friday February 17 our school went on a field trip to the NanShan Mountain, the height of the mountain is 1,300 meters high. At first we headed up to a place for resting so the teachers can tell safety rules and things to do do when we climb the mountain, then the teachers split us into teachers split us into groups of 4-5 students, I was in a group with Take,Leanne, Soyeon, and Jeha. We got a bag of materials from the teachers because we need these materials to finish our task we need to do. Next we started to walk up, our task was to take a soil sample from the bottom and the top and at least take 3 pictures of weathering and at least 2 pictures of erosion and deposition. It was unlucky because it was hot and my backpack was the heaviest one in my group so I’m very slow ( my backpack has a iPad, a water bottle, 4 sandwiches, and a lunch box made out of glass and that’s how it’s heavy ) next we went to collect some soil samples from the bottom and so we did, after we collected soil samples we kept going up in the hot day. After a few minutes later we found a place and rest, then we felt a little breeze that blew us on our back it was very cool. Later we started to walk again, then we found a interesting rock called quartz, then we used the hammer the teacher gave us to get the quartz out of the humorous mountain, after we got the quartz we still kept on going. After 30 minutes we took our lunch to eat, my lunch was ham and cheese sandwiches and it was delicious. After that we got back to walking later we’re almost to the top just a few minutes, a few minutes later we were finally on the top the peek has a wonderful view of Shekou and I can see our school and we’re I live. Then Mr. Shepherd our teacher said we can walk back to school so we did, later when we were there at school, we were super sweaty and tired also my legs were trembling horribly and so I first laid on the map then I played bricks with Manu and so that is my trip to NsnShan.

This was when we was collecting soil samples .

This was when we were eating lunch.

This was when the teachers gave us tasks.

This was when we were resting.

This was when we were walking.

Winter break

A Fabulous Trip to Hokkaido a City of Japan
This winter break I went to the wonderful city Hokkaido which is a city in Japan, in Hokkaido we went to a resort called CLUB MED. The first day at Club Med we went to book our rooms for sleeping and skiing gears for tomorrow, after that me and my brother went down the hall to play ping-pong, the ping-pong tables were at the side of the hall, and there were two of them, but one of them were used by other kids so we can only use the one left over. We play for almost an hour and it was 6:00 PM. After that we went to the desk to line up for signing up tomorrows coach, my coach was Tyson from Australia, but my dad said that I have to share the same coach to my brother too! So now that we finished signing up for coaches it’s time for dinner, at dinner all the kids sit at one table and there were 7 kids in total, at dinner I ate one vanilla flavored ice cream, sashimi, pizza, and a bowl of wu dong noodle. And Jessica ate 3 vanilla ice cream and that’s all what she ate for the first day in Club Med. After dinner all the kids when to play ping-pong at first me and Jessica played ping-pong, and I won, the second round I played with Tracey, but I still won I bet all my friends until my last round with Nicholas he was very at ping-pong, and when my point was 6-9 and the winning point is 11, and after is 2 minutes Nicholas won and I was so disappointed. Later on it was 8:10 and 8:30 was show time of Club Med so we went to see it, then it was show time. The actors in the show are all the coaches in Club Med and even some of the workers too! The show is that the coaches pretend to by signing stars like Lady Ga-Ga, Taylor Swift, Micheal Jackson, and Adel. After the show I think that the show was pretty funny because When they sing, the voice is from the computer, and the acting is very fun. After that we went to the bar and dance, always after the show there will be dancing in the bar, at dancing we follow the emcee on the stage in the bar, I have to go back to my room to change my pants while my friends are dancing in the bar because I’m still wearing my skiing pants and it’s frustrating while I wore it in dancing, after changing my skiing pants I went back on dancing, we danced for an hour, after that fabulous dancing I was covered of sweat, it was tired but still very fun because you know it’s the first day! Then after that dancing we went to get water to cool us down from the hotness, then we took some rest on sofa in the bar. And that day was fabulous.


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