This 5 weeks were very busy, we have to learn a lots of things. We learned decimals and place value in math, civilizations in social studies, realistic fiction in writing, and way much more! Well of course I’m not going to write about all of those, in writing the one I like the best and the one which was the most challenging one. First of all the one I like the best is, writing realistic fiction stories because you can chose a topic by yourself. Also, before we have to type it, we have to write down our problem and solution, at least it is still fun. The most challenging unit was creating a keynote for nomads of how to make civilization. We first have to watch the videos that Miss Terrell sent to us and write down and we have to make a keynote that we have to present it to our parents. That was the challenging part. After all, these 2 units was the one that I think was the most challenging and the one I like the most.