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Interview Kiki

What is your favorite holiday?
Kiki: my favorite holiday is Christmas
Can you tell me a story what do you do in Christmas?
Kiki: we receive gifts, and we reunion because my dad is so busy.
Why is your gift special to you?
Kiki: because before my mom and dad asked me what I want but now it keeps the gift a secret.
At Christmas what do your mom makes?
Kiki: my grandma makes all the food we eat, but we have a aye just for cooking and cleaning. But my dad let her day off.
Kiki: My grandma make corn soup and XING food.
Can you tell me a story about what you celebrate in Christmas?
Kiki: I celebrate in Canada my mom and me celebrate together, me and my Canadian friends celebrate mostly together. At 7:00 pm we go to watch movies together and eat together.
Then where do you like the best? Canada or your hometown?
Kiki: of coarsely my hometown(duh)
Do you bake cookies at Christmas Eve?
Kiki: no because we don’t know how to bake cookies. Also we don’t have the ingredients to bake cookies and don’t have time to buy the ingredients.


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Design Challenge

Today at class, we did the Design challenge. We create something so the ball will go to Dogzilla’s 🐶 mouth 👄. Me and my group did a slingshot. We collaborate really well so we get ours finished first. But it didn’t work! So we changed a little. Then we went, but it doesn’t work. We only have 3 chances to get the target 🎯. But however we still missed. The “Monster” and “Ezzy” were the only two teams get the points.

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AMPed Reflection

My project changed because, at first, I am making about “How to make a chocolate 🍫 ” but I changed to make a “machine that scares 😳 my brother”. When I was making the robot I suddenly thought it doesn’t make sense so I changed my mind again my new project is “making a car out of recycled ♻️ stuff”
The challenges is to explain everything we do, and why do you make the project.
I learn that it is important to explain your thinking 💭 so people know why do you make that project. I also learn speak louder so people can hear what am I’m talking about.
I would have speak louder because in the AMPed Fair someone asked me a question I replied but they didn’t hear it.

When I was playing the game with others and explain it

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SIS Immigration Checkpoint

Today in SIS Immigration Checkpoint we are making our own passport, when we are making passport, a lot of us went to ask to get our photos. But Mrs.Kim(Officer👩🏼‍✈️ Kim) stopped us, it is so annoying 😡 ! When it is finally our turn, we went in and we go to get our passports checked. But Mrs.Yolanda said a bunch of things we needed to fix! We are so mad 😡!Than after we finish fixing our problem that Mrs.Yolanda pointed out, we finally could move on. After Emanuele👨🏻‍🎓 , Alexander’s mom check me. When she said ok, I went to check my health. I was checking my health just like the time to go to Hong Kong 🇭🇰. And Nikki’s mother put a stamp on my passport. After that, we went to make our Visa. When we finish we are doing the last checkpoint. Leah’s mother were checking our visa and passports. But in the middle of checking, the teacher 👩🏻‍🏫 had a announcement to make. The teacher 👩🏻‍🏫 said we are going down. We also could take a ice-cream and a chocolate 🍫.

When we are dealing with our last checkpoint

I learn that some poor countries( Syria 🇸🇾, Sierra Leone 🇸🇱)were treated badly unlike other countries (Canada, Germany 🇩🇪) just because of their looks 👀. This experience was meant to teach us migration because the fourth graders are learning migration. My thinking 💭 hasn’t changed, because when I were thinking 💭 that something will takes a long time. And I was right, something is taking a long time during how it feels to migrate.

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Time Museum

Today we went to the Time Museum that the 8th graders present. In one of the exhibition, I learned Morse code. The Morse code from long time ago. The Morse code is a type of language with a lot of dots and lines. I think Morse code is interesting because, it have dots and lines, also it will make strange sounds. When I type my name, I found out it sounds like the humming version of my name.

The Morse code


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Do you know our class are preforming music 🎶 songs? Well now you should know. In the performance, we are playing some instruments 🎸 like tambourines, calves, maracas, bass drum 🥁 , congas, alto xylophone, bass xylophone, and glockenspiel. My class’s first song was ” Eastside, Westside” in that song we add tambourine, maracas, guiros, calves, bass drum 🥁 , and congas. Then at last, we do our parts together. In that song, every instrument 🎸 we played is un pitched-percussion.Our class’s second song is “Old Dan Tucker ” in that song we add glockenspiel, alto xylophone, bass drum 🥁 , bass xylophone. In that song, almost every instrument 🎸 is pitch-percussion expect bass drum 🥁.

When we are playing instrument parts



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我相信(This I believe)

新博客:在中文课我有机会表达我的信念,通过想法添加“我相信。从cbs爱德华R.穆罗的国家公共广播节目。这个学习选择来自Lill和G女士,他们在SIS Bayside教学。下面是我的声音,请听到我,并发表评论。有更多的声音,你可以在这里找到他们分享。share.sis.org.cn/podcasts

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Nanshan Field Trip

When I was using a hammer 🔨

Hey readers do you want to read about the field trip? It is awesome! and on our field trip, we climbed the Nanshan mountain behind the Korean International School (KIS)
We were going there because of our science 🔬 to study 📖 rocks.
On the way up to the top, we found a really cool 😎 rock that when you kick it will break, and the rock dust will erode and deposit. When we use the hammer 🔨, we got a little bit of rock dust . Also we are getting some soil samples. Two members of my group did not do what they are supposed to do.
Then at the middle of the mountain, we got so hungry 😋 that we asked if we could eat or drink 🍹. After a long walk to a bench, Mrs.Kim said we could eat. When we hear 👂 the word ” Eat” we all rush to a place that we could eat our lunch 🍴.
After eating, me and Alice climbed the stairs together, we are so speedy💨 that our group couldn’t follow after us. We ran one hundred 💯 more stairs and found Take’s group and Leah’s group. We went together and saw Mrs.Yvonne and her group. We rested about 5 minutes. During the 5 minutes, we are just waiting Alice to come up.
Then Chrug, Leann , Alice and me were slowly walking 🚶. Soon enough Rio came and so does Kennedy. We also saw Ms.Zena ! We are wondering what way should we go. She said go the left path. So we did.
When we came to the bottom of the stairs, we saw a small store, we bought water 💦 to drink 🍹.
Then we went to the right path this time , and found Mr.Sheppard, and Gareth, and Jack. I asked them if the did the assignment that we are supposed to do, but they said no.
Then I went to sit on a bench, waiting for my mother and my group. When they came they each have an ice cream 🍦. I asked my mom to buy ice cream 🍦. She said alright, and she buy it for me before we go down.
When I go down I went really breathless 💨 I catch-up Ms.Yvonne and Gareth. We went down together. On the bottom, my mom tells me do not walk so quick 💨. I said I walked down with Ms.Yvonne.
Finally when we go to the bus 🚌 my mom said She wanted to sit with me. But Andrew’s mother came and my mother are talking with her.
At last we went back to school ! And we had a fun free time.

When I was using hammer to break the rock


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Chinese New Year Break


My cat sleeps on my desk

During the Chinese New Year Break, we went to Elisha’s restaurant. Since then, Elisha and I have been best friends, so we thought it would be perfect if we have a sleepover at my house. But Elisha wanted me to sleep her house, and I ask my mom if I could sleepover with Elisha. And guess what? She said it is ok if we two sleepover but she isn’t not sure if Elisha’s mom agrees. So I ask Elisha’s mom , I am convincing Elisha’s mom while Elisha ask her mother, she finally said “yes”. Elisha were so excited she call her driver as soon as possible. But the we waited for a long time.
During that time, we played “Cat chases mice”, and “tag “. But later, me and Elisha don’t wanted to play, Elisha and I went to find her driver. After we come back, we play another round of “tag”and “cat chases mice”. After that round, I quit playing the games.
I went up and stayed with Eva’s younger sister, I asked my mom if I could go home she said I have to ask someone else not her. Then I went out sitting on the chair beside Eva’s younger sister. 15 minutes later, Andrew, Nathan, Elisha, Eva, Jay , Hugh , and Jeffrey went up. They saw me sitting on the chair resting.
Then my mom said it is time to go. We get our stuff and go to the parking lot. Andrew’s mother sit on our car. We are asking questions about why Andrew’s mother sitting on our car she said that Jeffrey’s mom’s car had no space for her, after she finish her sentence we are so quiet that you can hear the USB noises. Finally we are at Andrew’s house! Then we drop off Andrew’s mother. After that my mom drove us back to my home. On the elevator me and Elisha were chatting so loudly.
Back at my house, Elisha saw the cats and play with them. 2 minutes later, my mom tells us to take a bath. Me and Elisha decided to bath together. In the bathroom , me and Elisha saw each other’s privet parts were like “eww” or something.
After shower, we brushed our teeth, take some snacks like cookies, and went up the stairs carefully, and EAT! We actually finish all! On the bed of mines, I read the Chinese book of Elisha’s. It is so funny that I couldn’t stop laughing and read!!! Then we tried to do a backward roll( which was VERY hard.) 12:00pm…….. It was time for us to sleep. We didn’t sleep ’cause Elisha want me to open the bedroom door. My mom saw it and she said open the light in the back room. So we did and we sleep…. BANG! Elisha were kicking and shaking and PUNCHING ME ! 2:00am, I kick Elisha. Elisha were doing something to me.
9:00pm, my brother was opening my bedroom door. Which I noticed, because the light was brighter then the back room door. Then mom saw it, she told Jay to stop. 20 minutes later, Elisha woke up she wake me up too!
After we went to the bathroom , we dressed up like usual. We go down to eat cereal, it took me a long time to finish eating. My mom went downstairs and she saw Elisha’s babysitter. My mom told Elisha. Elisha said she will ask her mother on the phone. But however, Elisha’s mom still needs Elisha to go back. So we sent her down, Elisha’s babysitter was waiting over there. Then we say goodbye and hug each other and say meet you at Andrew’s house.

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My Winter Break

My winter break was fascinating! We went to Yabuli/ClubMed in Harbin.The good parts is when we are telling jokes, also skiing from mountain top to bottom. When me and Elisha, Jeffrey, Andrew, Nathan, Hugh were skiing down we fell 3-5 times. It was so fun! But however, in the morning we still have to exercise in a little hill because there is a lot of new students. Even though we are in a hill but we still have fun. Then coach 22 took us to mid-station. Me And someone else went down first. And coach 22 leads the others, in the afternoon me, Jeffrey, Elisha , Andrew, Leah, Hugh , Nathan, my brother, and Eva were going to the top of the mountain by sitting on the cable car.
On Saturday, at the cable car, me, Leah , Leah’s mom, Elisha sit together, and the other I am not so sure. But however at mountain top, we are enjoying. Me and Leah are making snowballs while others are playing slide. 5 minutes later, me and Leah were having snowball fight. But it is too cold so we went down.
On the Christmas Day, Nathan , me , Elisha, Eva, Andrew, Jay we are skiing half day again. During the half day we went mid-station. During when we are skiing down, we did a path of zigzag and when the coach saw us and he said that I could be in the next level, and I was so excited that I almost crash onto a big tree! But however rest of my friends got so jealous of me that they push me away from them. And I have to comfort them. And rest of the afternoon we are playing with the ice and breaking the ice. At night we saw it is snowing outside. We ask if we could play the card game instead our mom brought us to the the stage it was so enormous that also could fit a bunch of elephants but the door is small. During the show people were performing gymnastics. It is so amazing that I started to clap!
After that night, we went to Star Bar it is big, but it is TOO CROWDED!!! I am squish that I couldn’t move. So I have to climb to the tall table and move all the way to get juice but in the end it was better because by then people go out and sleep in their room. Psst! Went a machine that fly out some tissues me,Andrew, Jeffrey, and Hugh got overwhelmed then we start a tissue fight Jeffrey and me are on a team while Hugh and Andrew are on on a team and we start to have fun……….. 10:00 pm! We are going back our room and we say bye to each other. Suddenly I found Andrew’s mother was walking with me!
When it was the time to leave Yabuli/ClubMed I couldn’t believe that I was sitting with a bunch of boys at a same car! Excluding Hugh’s dad. On the car we are chatting about something I think I can’t mention it ’cause I forgotten. When we stop for toilet, in the girls bathroom, I saw one room do not have a door it was so GROSS that I almost vomited luckily I run out but Hugh VOMIT! And we quickly run back into the car me and Jeffrey sit in the back. And almost an hour I guess, we got inside of Harbin Airport, we are waiting for our parents to come. And that’s is my winter break!

When I was skiing

Skiing in a hill

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