Interview Kiki

What is your favorite holiday?
Kiki: my favorite holiday is Christmas
Can you tell me a story what do you do in Christmas?
Kiki: we receive gifts, and we reunion because my dad is so busy.
Why is your gift special to you?
Kiki: because before my mom and dad asked me what I want but now it keeps the gift a secret.
At Christmas what do your mom makes?
Kiki: my grandma makes all the food we eat, but we have a aye just for cooking and cleaning. But my dad let her day off.
Kiki: My grandma make corn soup and XING food.
Can you tell me a story about what you celebrate in Christmas?
Kiki: I celebrate in Canada my mom and me celebrate together, me and my Canadian friends celebrate mostly together. At 7:00 pm we go to watch movies together and eat together.
Then where do you like the best? Canada or your hometown?
Kiki: of coarsely my hometown(duh)
Do you bake cookies at Christmas Eve?
Kiki: no because we don’t know how to bake cookies. Also we don’t have the ingredients to bake cookies and don’t have time to buy the ingredients.


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