Unit 1 Reflection

Fifth grade was awesome so far! I can’t talk about this too much, because then, this blog will be super long!

In writing, our unit 1 was writing narrative stories. I learned how to write stories with character traits, story arcs, writing problems, solutions and all the things you need to learn for writing! My story was called Ordinary. My character, Will, was different from others, so he was frustrated. He met a girl called Lily, who helped him realize being different is normal. Then, he got along with new friends because he acted like himself. As the author, I think my story is interesting. As most people know, writing is my favorite subject. So I really enjoyed writing so far, especially since I love writing fictional stories.

In reading, our unit 1 was story elements. We learned writing or finding themes, author’s crafts, how does this part relate to the whole,, and some liters languages. We also learned a technique called CROPQVS. C for connection, R for reactions, O for opinions, P for predictions, Q for questions, V for visualizing, and S for summarizing. In the beginning, we took a pre assessment. I didn’t like that very much because it was kind of hard. At the end, I took the assessment again. This time, I thought it was easy, but I didn’t enjoy it that much. I’m sure I got it all wrong, but that’s okay, because I think I improved reading a lot. Actually, I improved reading the most.

In math, our unit 1 was decimal place values. I learned multiplying and dividing powers of 10, converting metric units, comparing values of digits, and rounding numbers. I already knew some of them, though. But I learned about exponents, which means something powers of something. Before, I thought 10 to the 2nd power was 20, but now, I know it is 100. Even though math isn’t my favorite subject, I think it was pretty fun! Also, I learned a lot, too!

In social studies, our unit 1 was civilization. We learned what was a civilization and learned about Sumerians, Incas, and Ancient Egypt. We were supposed to make a presentation to nomads (parents and classmates), who has no idea what civilization to live in. We gave a presentation about how to create a great civilization. Before we made it, we learned about different civilizations so that we would have some basic facts about different civilizations. I love making projects, so I had smiles all the time when we were working on this!

During P.E, we did two large units. Invasion games and Swimming! In Invasion games, we played a lot of sports. The most memorable and the most played sport was net ball. When we were playing net ball, we divided into several groups. Then, we passed the ball to our team members to shoot the ball in the net. The net ball is just like basketball, but this requires no dribbling. In swimming, we learned front strokes. I already knew how, but I got to fix some of my mistakes while swimming front strokes. Other than the unit 1, we played a tag game called Ankle Tag. This was really fun. Last year, I didn’t really like P.E, but this year, I’m always looking forward for P.E. I can’t stop smiling.

During music, we are working on body percussion. We learned different kids of body percussion “notes”, such as snapping, clapping, patting, stamping, toungue clicking, and so on.We also learned different body percussion songs like “Bim Bum”. We have created our own body percussion, too! I created some interesting ones with my friend, Bella. We named our team, The Bacon Girls. I love going to music, it is so fun!

Last but not least, ART! We are working on a drawing called Mandala. We have to draw patterns on a small piece of square paper. If we want it nice, we should trace it with sharpies. Then, we should get a big square paper to trace the patterns on the small square. After tracing, we should trace it with a sharpie. Last but not least, we need to color it. Time goes so fast when I’m doing this / drawing this, maybe because art is also known as my favorite subject.

As you can see, unit 1 was a great success! I can’t wat for unit 2! Will I think that unit 2 is also awesome? I can’t wait!


The 2017 Art Show

Yesterday, May 11th 2017, was the SIS elementary school’s art show. I didn’t go though… But today, May 12th 2017, we went to the art show. For most of the people, it was the second time. But for some of us, it was the first time. When I went there riding the bus with Kennedy and Lisa, I was happy. We had 40 minutes in total to look at our art work and take a photo of it. When we were there, it took me about 30 minutes to find mine. I was very ANNOYED. But when I FINALLY found my two art works, I was proud of myself. One of them were my portrait. I think it looked UGLY and WEIRD. The second one was a stained glass art. I think it was okay… Better than my portrait. At 8:40, we came out of the art show place, which was Kimbay. While waiting for the bus, our class first played statue game. Then, the bus STILL didn’t come. So we played games on our iPads. I played piano tiles and fun math. At last, the bus came. Today’s art show was very UNIQUE…! But very exciting and fun. But I was disappointed since I missed Chinese. ㅠㅠ

The GOOD one



The One And Only Fourth Grade Student Led Conference

May 4th was the Student Led Conference in SIS Elementary! My conference was at 11am. We were supposed to make a presentation about our learning in fourth grade. My presentation had 25 pages! It went pretty okay than I thought it would. The reason I think that is because I didn’t make any mistakes. But I thought I would make mistakes. However, even I didn’t make any mistakes, I felt really nervous. The reason is that I kept on shaking and I didn’t make any eye contacts with my mom or Mr. Sheppard. The reason I did those stuff was because I am NOT confident. So the next time I do this presentation, I will add more details to my slides, make less slides without details, and talk MUCH loudly.

This photo is a screenshot of my Student Led Conference Presentation.

Fourth Grade AMPed Fair!

Today was the AMPed Fair! Fifth graders, teachers, and parents came. Do you know what is AMPed? A lot of people don’t know what that means. I didn’t know what that meant until we were doing AMPed. So AMPed is kind of an action which you are doing by yourself. AMPed stands for Autonomously Mastered Purposeful EDucation. My project was School Materials Organizer. I chose this project, because it would really help students. I thought of this idea, because I thought it was really hard to take out the things I needed from my basket. My project was successful, because everyone thought this would really help students, and they liked my idea of making for each grade. But next time, I will do it differently by trying to make my Organizer smaller and stronger. Today, or during working on my AMPed, I learned that if you choose one topic, you have to work on it until it’s good enough even you don’t like it during the progress. Plus, I liked that everyone wanted my Organizer even after the fair. I only had five, so only five people got it. I feel sorry for the ones who didn’t got it, though.

First grade

Second grade

Third grade

Fourth grade

Fifth grade


The Fantastic Utopia

On April 10th, we were doing a very fun activity. We were going to Utopia which is a real word. But for our activity, we used it as a place that is so good. You can watch a movie and eat a snack there! Still, we couldn’t go directly to Utopia, we had to go trough the airport. First, we decided which member will we be for our family in 4A. Our family was our Classcraft group. So for me, I had six family members who were migrating there, including myself. I was the aunt, Oliver was the mom, Nathan was the dad, Dorothy and Leann were the twelve years old twins, and Aidan was the five years old boy. And the teachers were CBP officers and the parents who volunteered to help were people in the airport who checks us. After deciding the members, one oldest female member had to choose a small piece of paper in a basket which Ms.Kim was holding. On the paper, it said which country your family member will be from. There were six countries in total. Canada, Germany, Thailand, Mexico, Syria, and Sierra Leone. I think Canadian and German was nicely from the CBP officers, Thai and Mexican were sometimes treated nice but not really most of the time from CBP officers, and Syrian and Sierra Leonean were not really treated well from CBP officers. Also, I think Canadian and German had all the things that they needed, Thai and Mexican had just one thing that they needed, and Syrian and Sierra Leonean had none that they needed. Before we went to the immigration checkpoint (Level 5), we researched about our country. Then after Lunch recess, we went to the immigration checkpoint. First, we watched a short video about Utopia. Then, we got a basket for each family. Our basket had seven passport covers, six papers that needed to be filled out, an information paper which said all the information about us, and a glue. My group first took turns gluing the passport cover to a paper which we had to fill out. Then, we got our photo that we could glue on the paper. It was very hard to use it one by one. When we were about to fill out the paper, Kennedy asked to borrow our glue, since Kennedy’s group needed it. So after letting them keep our glue, we were about to write, we realized we didn’t have a pen. Luckily, I asked Jeha if I could borrow their pen since they had all other stuff including several pens. We quickly filled them out and lined up to let the people who were checking our passports check our passports. But we had to line up again since we had to rewrite our passport names in capital. The one who was checking our passports was Kennedy’s mom, Mrs.Gibson. She spoke in an unusual accent. But we did get stamps from her even though we might have answered some wrong because we didn’t understand what she was saying. After getting the stamp, Alexander’s mom checked if we had any stuff that weren’t allowed in the airport. We were all okay. The next one was by Nikki’s mom, checking if we were sick or not. On our information card, it said we had Mild Flu. So we had to wait. After a long time, Nikki’s mom checked our fever, then let us go. Then, we were at the VISA station. We had to answer the questions on the VISA paper for each person, and we had to write another question just for a person in our family. So we wrote question and put my name. While we were writing, I don’t know why, but Nathan was sent to the waiting room. So he delayed us a bit since we had to wait for him. When he came back, we completed his VISA and then went to get our VISA checked. Ours got checked by Leah’s mom. That went swiftly than other stations. When we got all of ours checked, we were in Utopia. We watched a little bit of Moana. We got ice creams but I didn’t want one. Not everybody have gone through all the steps. I think they were all from Syria or Sierra Leone. I think they were not done because it was hard to get the things they needed, the securities were being more sensitive to them, and the CBP officers didn’t really help them to answer questions. So I don’t think that was fair for everyone. From this activity, I learned a lot of things. First of all, I learned our parents work really hard when we migrate, because we only did part of the real migration, but it was still hard. However, our parents have to do all the steps and some extra real stuff for real! Plus, if they are moving for just political, social, economic, educational, religious, military reason, and doing this whole thing, that’s really a challenge. Second of all, I learned that when you are migrating, you needed VISA, fine health, don’t have bad information in your passport, answer questions from securities, and know your arrival date. Last of all, I learned that you have to kind of expect what is going to happen. If you don’t know at all, something might take longer time, or you might annoy a person. So expecting what would happen is a benefit to you.



Time Museum

At Level 5, we saw lots of technology. We went around in stations. I think the purpose of this Time Museum is to learn and share differences about a technology before and now. I learned that before and now is completely different. If I had a choice to choose before and now, I rather choose now. My favorite station was the “Tenement” station. Because the student who was working on it was explaining her project very clearly. Her name is 하윤 (Hayoon).


Fossils are something left from a plant or an animal that lived long time ago that have turned into a rock. Many of fossils are things that now is extinct. Extinct means a living thing’s kind is no longer alive today. For example, dinosaurs are extinct.
Fossils are form when a living things dies. It gets covered by sediment. For example, like mud, sand, soil, or clay. After a long time, soft pats decompose. Decompose means it breaks down. Then, the harder parts stay. After that, more layers of sediments pile up. So, it gets heavier as more sediments pile on. Since it got heavy, sediments presses down, so it creates a lot of pressure. Then, the lower layers turn into rocks. Water can sip through and create minerals. After many years, layers of rock slowly wash away. So then, fossils can be found. But sometimes, the living creatures can form into fossils in other ways. For example, there can be prints on rocks, get frozen in an ice, or get trapped in a tree sap. Fossils can give us clues about what happened or what was it like long time ago.
We made our own fossils. First, we had to put some clay at the bottom of a cup. Then, we made a print with a shell on the clay. After few days, we pour a little bit of liquid in that cup. After another few days, it got hard. So, we took out our fossils. But mine had broke, so I had to do it again. Next time I do this experiment, I will be very careful.
I learned from this fossil unit, that fossils can form in different ways, that some body parts from a fossil can give clues like what did that thing ate, what kind of place it live and so on. This fossil unit taught me a lot of things.

This is my fossil!

Chinese New Year Holiday

During Chinese New Year holiday, my family went to Hong Kong two times. The first time, we went hiking on Dragon’s Back (a mountain in Hong Kong), but it rained. I wasn’t sad about it since I didn’t want to hike. So we after we came down, we went to Times Square (Which is in Hong Kong) and ate in Pizza Express, bought a mechanical color pencil, and my mom and my sister shopped while me and my dad waited for them. When I was was waiting for my mom and my sister and waiting for the food in Pizza Express, I was using our “Family” phone to download some new apps and trying them. The second time our family went to Hong Kong, we went to Times Square again and watched Moana (a movie), bought two clothes for me and for my sister, ate in School Food for lunch, ate in Goobne for dinner, and went to Hysan Place (a place in Hong Kong) and shopped more. When I was waiting for food and my mom and my sister this time, I had brought my iPad with me. So I just watched some YouTube videos. It was very fun on both days. I like going to Hong Kong when it doesn’t get too tiring. I also like my new things I bought in Hong Kong. The mechanical color pencils, a pink pen, a purple pen, two clothes, three Hi-chews, and a notebook…




Learning Comes Alive!

On January 18th, Wednesday, our parents came to our classroom for a science experiment. We created a canyon, valley, and delta for our science experiment. We created river and flood which were very different. For river, the water came very slowly. But for flood, the water came very fast. It was exciting but nervous for since there were so many parents to see what we were learning in science. Besides the river and the flood, we also made a super flood. We first pushed the wet sand back and had a flood through wet sand. If you lived a place like that, it would be really dangerous! We also learned that river make rocks move from one place to another place. Waters can make sand and clay move. Have you ever done a exciting science experiment? What was it? Would you want or like to live next to the river? Please comment down below.




My Hashtag #Goal

My goal for 2017 is to be confident. The reason I chose this goal is because I want to be more louder and not be shy. Other reason is that I thought being confident was also being louder.
This is the picture of me hold my “Goal Paper”:


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