January 2016 archive

Exploring China Unit

First it’s invention. I’m really interested in calligraphy. It’s something that you use brush to write Chinese. The one word and other word could make new word. It’s called “Characters”. Second it’s landforms and landmarks. Landform for this is Yangtze River. It’s 3,195 miles long and third longest in the world. For landmarks,there’s Terracotta Solders. They are made in different positions. I love learning about China. Because I learned new things and it’s fun.

Math Poster

I’m proud about subtraction poster that I made by myself and multiplication poster that I made with Hyeonche.  I think it’s really beautiful. 8 of them all looks interesting!! There are strategies that’s really helpful when we are stuck on it. I want to make some more posters. Because it’s fun and helps other to remind they could use different strategies.