February 2016 archive

The Shoe With Wheels

On Thursday,my family went to buy my sister’s shoes. I was alittle grumpy. Because they said I could ride bike before going there but they changed their minds. My dad tried to cheer me up. So he said how about the shoe with wheels? I agreed. First I had to hold my dad’s hand tight not to fall down. And when I went to ZARA and waited mom and my sister Jaeyoon,I practiced again and again. I thought I was doing it! It was true.
It was really fun. My dad said he’s proud of me and I did too.

Hongkong Day


Our family went to Hongkong twice in this week! On Saturday,we went to IFC mall and Habour city to shop. But on Tuesday,our family went to Dragon’s Back.


Do you know what is Dragon’s Back?It’s a mountain that is at Hongkong. We went there! Well,I don’t like hiking. Also my dad doesn’t like hiking. We got tired. After hiking our family went to IFC mall agin and ate dinner.


A Special Party

On Friday, Sophia and Emily came to my house and play. Because their sister and brother went to the dance party. First we did a show. I was the sister, Sophia was the baby, Emily was the ghost and my sister Jaeyoon was the story teller. The summery was sophia and I was coming back from from party, and we met ghost. But luckily the sun got brighter and the ghost ran away. After show we were hungry. So we went to OGGI for dinner. Do you know what happened next? If you guessed we played showing each others magic you are right. Or if you guessed we are playing Monopolly(board game), you are also right! Because we played both of those. And then Jaeyoon convinced us we can make friendship stuff. So with rubber bands, we made cupcakes. But it’s not a real cupcake you can eat. Now it was time for my friends to go home. I hope could still Sophia remember me even though at Korea. I loved inviting my friends in my house. ( but I also like playing at other house too)