My New Reading Buddies

Today, we had our reading buddy day! Since some had to share one reading buddy with another classmate, we also decided to be buddies with another class. So I had a new buddy. I mean buddies. Last time I shared one buddy with a friend but this time I had two buddies for myself! One boy was called Anthony and one girl was called Kayla. It was so hard to be buddies with two of them. They wanted to read different kinds of books. They were completely different. When I started to read a book for them that one of them wanted, they didn’t pay any attention to me. But we did read some books. I’ll tell you some books we read: “Wow,city!” “Dora….” and some others. We also took some pictures. Like me, they don’t usually smile. I’ll show you some pictures.


Even it’s hard, I like my reading buddies.

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