Play Date With My Friends

I sighed. ‘Why can’t I play with Jeha, Rachel, and Bella?’ I wondered.Right after school ended on December 16th, me and Bella were coming down the stairs. Bella, Rachel, and Jeha were going to have a play date except for me since my mom had said, “no”. Suddenly, Bella’s mom said, “Bella and Soyeon, hurry up. Where’s Rachel and Jeha?” “Umm… I’m not allowed to go since my mom said “no”. I told Bella’s mom. But instead of saying “Really?”, Bella’s mom said, “I told your mom to let you come.” I was so happy that I shouted, “Thank you, Bella’s mom!” After Jeha and Rachel came, we went to eat Udon at a restaurant. Next, we went to Bella’s house to play some instruments. When we were practicing, Minky, Bella’s dog, scared me and Jeha a little, she was still in her cage though. After playing some instruments, we made some things out of clay and ate some snack. Then we went out to ride bicycle, scooter, and roller skates. There were only one for each and there were 4 people, so we took turns. We also went to a playground. After we came back to Bella’s house, we watched a movie, but it was so boring that we stopped watching it and just started playing a board game. Then, we went out again to ride those things that we rode before and came back for dinner. But when we were eating dinner, Minky escaped from her cage. I was terrified. Luckily, Bella and her mom caught Minky. Then, it was time for me to go, so I said, “Bye!” It was the best play date ever even though we only played from 11:30 till 7:00. When was your best play date ever?


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