Chinese New Year Holiday

During Chinese New Year holiday, my family went to Hong Kong two times. The first time, we went hiking on Dragon’s Back (a mountain in Hong Kong), but it rained. I wasn’t sad about it since I didn’t want to hike. So we after we came down, we went to Times Square (Which is in Hong Kong) and ate in Pizza Express, bought a mechanical color pencil, and my mom and my sister shopped while me and my dad waited for them. When I was was waiting for my mom and my sister and waiting for the food in Pizza Express, I was using our “Family” phone to download some new apps and trying them. The second time our family went to Hong Kong, we went to Times Square again and watched Moana (a movie), bought two clothes for me and for my sister, ate in School Food for lunch, ate in Goobne for dinner, and went to Hysan Place (a place in Hong Kong) and shopped more. When I was waiting for food and my mom and my sister this time, I had brought my iPad with me. So I just watched some YouTube videos. It was very fun on both days. I like going to Hong Kong when it doesn’t get too tiring. I also like my new things I bought in Hong Kong. The mechanical color pencils, a pink pen, a purple pen, two clothes, three Hi-chews, and a notebook…




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