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Unit 1 Reflection

Fifth grade was awesome so far! I can’t talk about this too much, because then, this blog will be super long!

In writing, our unit 1 was writing narrative stories. I learned how to write stories with character traits, story arcs, writing problems, solutions and all the things you need to learn for writing! My story was called Ordinary. My character, Will, was different from others, so he was frustrated. He met a girl called Lily, who helped him realize being different is normal. Then, he got along with new friends because he acted like himself. As the author, I think my story is interesting. As most people know, writing is my favorite subject. So I really enjoyed writing so far, especially since I love writing fictional stories.

In reading, our unit 1 was story elements. We learned writing or finding themes, author’s crafts, how does this part relate to the whole,, and some liters languages. We also learned a technique called CROPQVS. C for connection, R for reactions, O for opinions, P for predictions, Q for questions, V for visualizing, and S for summarizing. In the beginning, we took a pre assessment. I didn’t like that very much because it was kind of hard. At the end, I took the assessment again. This time, I thought it was easy, but I didn’t enjoy it that much. I’m sure I got it all wrong, but that’s okay, because I think I improved reading a lot. Actually, I improved reading the most.

In math, our unit 1 was decimal place values. I learned multiplying and dividing powers of 10, converting metric units, comparing values of digits, and rounding numbers. I already knew some of them, though. But I learned about exponents, which means something powers of something. Before, I thought 10 to the 2nd power was 20, but now, I know it is 100. Even though math isn’t my favorite subject, I think it was pretty fun! Also, I learned a lot, too!

In social studies, our unit 1 was civilization. We learned what was a civilization and learned about Sumerians, Incas, and Ancient Egypt. We were supposed to make a presentation to nomads (parents and classmates), who has no idea what civilization to live in. We gave a presentation about how to create a great civilization. Before we made it, we learned about different civilizations so that we would have some basic facts about different civilizations. I love making projects, so I had smiles all the time when we were working on this!

During P.E, we did two large units. Invasion games and Swimming! In Invasion games, we played a lot of sports. The most memorable and the most played sport was net ball. When we were playing net ball, we divided into several groups. Then, we passed the ball to our team members to shoot the ball in the net. The net ball is just like basketball, but this requires no dribbling. In swimming, we learned front strokes. I already knew how, but I got to fix some of my mistakes while swimming front strokes. Other than the unit 1, we played a tag game called Ankle Tag. This was really fun. Last year, I didn’t really like P.E, but this year, I’m always looking forward for P.E. I can’t stop smiling.

During music, we are working on body percussion. We learned different kids of body percussion “notes”, such as snapping, clapping, patting, stamping, toungue clicking, and so on.We also learned different body percussion songs like “Bim Bum”. We have created our own body percussion, too! I created some interesting ones with my friend, Bella. We named our team, The Bacon Girls. I love going to music, it is so fun!

Last but not least, ART! We are working on a drawing called Mandala. We have to draw patterns on a small piece of square paper. If we want it nice, we should trace it with sharpies. Then, we should get a big square paper to trace the patterns on the small square. After tracing, we should trace it with a sharpie. Last but not least, we need to color it. Time goes so fast when I’m doing this / drawing this, maybe because art is also known as my favorite subject.

As you can see, unit 1 was a great success! I can’t wat for unit 2! Will I think that unit 2 is also awesome? I can’t wait!


My New Reading Buddies

Today, we had our reading buddy day! Since some had to share one reading buddy with another classmate, we also decided to be buddies with another class. So I had a new buddy. I mean buddies. Last time I shared one buddy with a friend but this time I had two buddies for myself! One boy was called Anthony and one girl was called Kayla. It was so hard to be buddies with two of them. They wanted to read different kinds of books. They were completely different. When I started to read a book for them that one of them wanted, they didn’t pay any attention to me. But we did read some books. I’ll tell you some books we read: “Wow,city!” “Dora….” and some others. We also took some pictures. Like me, they don’t usually smile. I’ll show you some pictures.


Even it’s hard, I like my reading buddies.

My ECC Reading Buddy

Today,we met with our reading buddies for the first time. My buddy was a girl and she was very cute. She spoke English really good! She wasn’t too shy so I was very satisfied since it’s hard to be buddies of kids who is very quiet. Anyway,I was reading books to her with Misha. We many books like Informational book and Realistic Fiction book. I showed my buddy Mega Photos app and photos on my iPad and she enjoyed it. I felt very happy and had fun when I was working with my buddy. I hope next reading buddy time comes soon because I think I will improve my reading skills and talking out loud which is my goal.

*The last picture is an app called MegaPhoto. You can take fun pictures! If you want,you can download it!



20161025-142124.jpgMegaPhoto App