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The One And Only Fourth Grade Student Led Conference

May 4th was the Student Led Conference in SIS Elementary! My conference was at 11am. We were supposed to make a presentation about our learning in fourth grade. My presentation had 25 pages! It went pretty okay than I thought it would. The reason I think that is because I didn’t make any mistakes. But I thought I would make mistakes. However, even I didn’t make any mistakes, I felt really nervous. The reason is that I kept on shaking and I didn’t make any eye contacts with my mom or Mr. Sheppard. The reason I did those stuff was because I am NOT confident. So the next time I do this presentation, I will add more details to my slides, make less slides without details, and talk MUCH loudly.

This photo is a screenshot of my Student Led Conference Presentation.

Fourth Grade AMPed Fair!

Today was the AMPed Fair! Fifth graders, teachers, and parents came. Do you know what is AMPed? A lot of people don’t know what that means. I didn’t know what that meant until we were doing AMPed. So AMPed is kind of an action which you are doing by yourself. AMPed stands for Autonomously Mastered Purposeful EDucation. My project was School Materials Organizer. I chose this project, because it would really help students. I thought of this idea, because I thought it was really hard to take out the things I needed from my basket. My project was successful, because everyone thought this would really help students, and they liked my idea of making for each grade. But next time, I will do it differently by trying to make my Organizer smaller and stronger. Today, or during working on my AMPed, I learned that if you choose one topic, you have to work on it until it’s good enough even you don’t like it during the progress. Plus, I liked that everyone wanted my Organizer even after the fair. I only had five, so only five people got it. I feel sorry for the ones who didn’t got it, though.

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Time Museum

At Level 5, we saw lots of technology. We went around in stations. I think the purpose of this Time Museum is to learn and share differences about a technology before and now. I learned that before and now is completely different. If I had a choice to choose before and now, I rather choose now. My favorite station was the “Tenement” station. Because the student who was working on it was explaining her project very clearly. Her name is 하윤 (Hayoon).