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The 2017 Art Show

Yesterday, May 11th 2017, was the SIS elementary school’s art show. I didn’t go though… But today, May 12th 2017, we went to the art show. For most of the people, it was the second time. But for some of us, it was the first time. When I went there riding the bus with Kennedy and Lisa, I was happy. We had 40 minutes in total to look at our art work and take a photo of it. When we were there, it took me about 30 minutes to find mine. I was very ANNOYED. But when I FINALLY found my two art works, I was proud of myself. One of them were my portrait. I think it looked UGLY and WEIRD. The second one was a stained glass art. I think it was okay… Better than my portrait. At 8:40, we came out of the art show place, which was Kimbay. While waiting for the bus, our class first played statue game. Then, the bus STILL didn’t come. So we played games on our iPads. I played piano tiles and fun math. At last, the bus came. Today’s art show was very UNIQUE…! But very exciting and fun. But I was disappointed since I missed Chinese. ㅠㅠ

The GOOD one



Chinese New Year Holiday

During Chinese New Year holiday, my family went to Hong Kong two times. The first time, we went hiking on Dragon’s Back (a mountain in Hong Kong), but it rained. I wasn’t sad about it since I didn’t want to hike. So we after we came down, we went to Times Square (Which is in Hong Kong) and ate in Pizza Express, bought a mechanical color pencil, and my mom and my sister shopped while me and my dad waited for them. When I was was waiting for my mom and my sister and waiting for the food in Pizza Express, I was using our “Family” phone to download some new apps and trying them. The second time our family went to Hong Kong, we went to Times Square again and watched Moana (a movie), bought two clothes for me and for my sister, ate in School Food for lunch, ate in Goobne for dinner, and went to Hysan Place (a place in Hong Kong) and shopped more. When I was waiting for food and my mom and my sister this time, I had brought my iPad with me. So I just watched some YouTube videos. It was very fun on both days. I like going to Hong Kong when it doesn’t get too tiring. I also like my new things I bought in Hong Kong. The mechanical color pencils, a pink pen, a purple pen, two clothes, three Hi-chews, and a notebook…




Learning Comes Alive!

On January 18th, Wednesday, our parents came to our classroom for a science experiment. We created a canyon, valley, and delta for our science experiment. We created river and flood which were very different. For river, the water came very slowly. But for flood, the water came very fast. It was exciting but nervous for since there were so many parents to see what we were learning in science. Besides the river and the flood, we also made a super flood. We first pushed the wet sand back and had a flood through wet sand. If you lived a place like that, it would be really dangerous! We also learned that river make rocks move from one place to another place. Waters can make sand and clay move. Have you ever done a exciting science experiment? What was it? Would you want or like to live next to the river? Please comment down below.




My Hashtag #Goal

My goal for 2017 is to be confident. The reason I chose this goal is because I want to be more louder and not be shy. Other reason is that I thought being confident was also being louder.
This is the picture of me hold my “Goal Paper”:


Play Date With My Friends

I sighed. ‘Why can’t I play with Jeha, Rachel, and Bella?’ I wondered.Right after school ended on December 16th, me and Bella were coming down the stairs. Bella, Rachel, and Jeha were going to have a play date except for me since my mom had said, “no”. Suddenly, Bella’s mom said, “Bella and Soyeon, hurry up. Where’s Rachel and Jeha?” “Umm… I’m not allowed to go since my mom said “no”. I told Bella’s mom. But instead of saying “Really?”, Bella’s mom said, “I told your mom to let you come.” I was so happy that I shouted, “Thank you, Bella’s mom!” After Jeha and Rachel came, we went to eat Udon at a restaurant. Next, we went to Bella’s house to play some instruments. When we were practicing, Minky, Bella’s dog, scared me and Jeha a little, she was still in her cage though. After playing some instruments, we made some things out of clay and ate some snack. Then we went out to ride bicycle, scooter, and roller skates. There were only one for each and there were 4 people, so we took turns. We also went to a playground. After we came back to Bella’s house, we watched a movie, but it was so boring that we stopped watching it and just started playing a board game. Then, we went out again to ride those things that we rode before and came back for dinner. But when we were eating dinner, Minky escaped from her cage. I was terrified. Luckily, Bella and her mom caught Minky. Then, it was time for me to go, so I said, “Bye!” It was the best play date ever even though we only played from 11:30 till 7:00. When was your best play date ever?


Pirates! Musical!

On Wednesday and Thursday, students in Musical ASA witch was almost 90 people performed “Pirates!” musical by John Jacobson and Roger Emerson. Since there were a lot of people, students in Musical ASA who was chorus divided in half. So half on Wednesday and half on Thursday. I was in Wednesday since I was chorus. Even there were some mistakes, we kept going on and I think no one recognized our mistakes except for ourselves. This musical was really fun!


The Shoe With Wheels

On Thursday,my family went to buy my sister’s shoes. I was alittle grumpy. Because they said I could ride bike before going there but they changed their minds. My dad tried to cheer me up. So he said how about the shoe with wheels? I agreed. First I had to hold my dad’s hand tight not to fall down. And when I went to ZARA and waited mom and my sister Jaeyoon,I practiced again and again. I thought I was doing it! It was true.
It was really fun. My dad said he’s proud of me and I did too.

Hongkong Day


Our family went to Hongkong twice in this week! On Saturday,we went to IFC mall and Habour city to shop. But on Tuesday,our family went to Dragon’s Back.


Do you know what is Dragon’s Back?It’s a mountain that is at Hongkong. We went there! Well,I don’t like hiking. Also my dad doesn’t like hiking. We got tired. After hiking our family went to IFC mall agin and ate dinner.


A Special Party

On Friday, Sophia and Emily came to my house and play. Because their sister and brother went to the dance party. First we did a show. I was the sister, Sophia was the baby, Emily was the ghost and my sister Jaeyoon was the story teller. The summery was sophia and I was coming back from from party, and we met ghost. But luckily the sun got brighter and the ghost ran away. After show we were hungry. So we went to OGGI for dinner. Do you know what happened next? If you guessed we played showing each others magic you are right. Or if you guessed we are playing Monopolly(board game), you are also right! Because we played both of those. And then Jaeyoon convinced us we can make friendship stuff. So with rubber bands, we made cupcakes. But it’s not a real cupcake you can eat. Now it was time for my friends to go home. I hope could still Sophia remember me even though at Korea. I loved inviting my friends in my house. ( but I also like playing at other house too)


Exploring China Unit

First it’s invention. I’m really interested in calligraphy. It’s something that you use brush to write Chinese. The one word and other word could make new word. It’s called “Characters”. Second it’s landforms and landmarks. Landform for this is Yangtze River. It’s 3,195 miles long and third longest in the world. For landmarks,there’s Terracotta Solders. They are made in different positions. I love learning about China. Because I learned new things and it’s fun.

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