Interviewing Henny

Interviewer:So Henny, have your mom let you do something that you don’t want to do but now you understand why you have to do it?
Henny:Yes, playing piano.
Interviewer:Why don’t you like it?
Henny:Because my mom always let me play piano, she lets me practice one hour so I hate piano.
Interviewer:But why is it important to you?
Henny:Because when I’m in high school I need to use piano to show how I am successful.
Interviewer:Do you have more things that your mom needs to led you do but you don’t want?
Interviewer:What is it?
Henny:It’s Chinese cultural writing.
Interviewer:Why don’t you like it?
Henny:Because I need to stand and it’s hot.
Interviewer:Why is Chinese cultural writing so important to you?
Henny:Because my mom says that my writing is bad so she needs to led me practice.
Interviewer:ok do you have more?

AMPed Project

In school we’re working on AMPed ( Autonomous, Mastered, Purposed, Education ). My APMed project is to teach people How To Take Care Of Cats, it’s about cats and how to take care of them properly. I chose this idea because I love cats and I wrote many books about cats. I’m researching about cats 🐱 and I learned many about cats and what makes them healthy. My challenge is that I need to research about cats and draft it down on my notebook and copy it on my iPad. I’ve been successful at writing my draft on my blog, and adding pictures.


Social study project

After reading, all forth graders went in their Classcraft groups and did a little project about migration. We did this project because it was related to our social studies because in social studies we were learning about different peoples immigrate for different reasons.theres push-factor and a pull-factor, a push-factor is when there is a war or something is coming and you have to leave. A pull-factor is when you don’t like the government and you want to leave, not you have to leave. They will ask you some questions about your immigration.In the airport you have to do some really hard steps. Like: Visa, passport check, your health, arrival papers, and security check. In my group we have a fake passport cover, and there’s roles on the Paper. When we finished, I learned that when people from different countries has to immigrate, it was hard for them also🙁.

All about me

Hi, my name is Alice and I’m nine years old. I go to SIS to learn and I’m in forth grade with my best friend Polly. My class is in 4C, our teacher is Mr. Banner. My best friends are Rio and Polly. In my house, l have my dad, mom, little sister, little brother, me, and two cats called Middo and candy. These are my cats. The top one is Middo, and the bottom one is Candy. Middo is one years old, and Candy is 3 months. They always like to be with each other.My favorite hobby is to read books. My favorite books are The Land Of Stories, The BFG, Stone Fox, Katie Kazoo…My dream is to become a doctor, because doctors can save peoples. I’m good at making friends, when a new student comes, I always help them what to do. This is all about me.

Time museum

After recess, we went up to the 5th floor to see the time museum. It was made by 7th and 8th graders. It’s all about past and present. When we arrived in 5th floor we watched a small video and went on.for the most of the time I went with Polly. We think the most interesting part is that we could make our own boat and draw in it. We learn about so much about past and present.

4th Grade performance!!

Yesterday night was the big day! It’s finally our turn to perform. We waited in our classroom for student to come. Finally, all the students are here, we silently went downstairs to wait in Mrs. Blankenship’s room. 4A’s     songs are: peter, peter and a song called wibbleton to wobbleton. 4B’s songs are: Eastside Westside and Old Dan Tucker. When both of the classes are finished performing it was our turn to perform. Our first song is called: The Canoe song, our second song is called Wild cat. When Leanne and Jacob was finish with their speaking parts we began. In the canoe song we added in the recorders, in the Wild cat song we added in the Alto xylophone and the Base xylophone. I wish we could had a music concert again!


In math our new unit is geometry. Shapes, line, angles things like that. Now in class we are learning symmetry, we need to find like how many symmetry is in a hexagon or how many symmetry is in triangle. Symmetry is when you fold a shape if it match thats a symmetry. We also learned angles. Acute angle, obtuse angle, right angle, and degrees. An acute angle is lesser than ninety degrees, an obtuse angle is bigger than ninety degrees, a right angle is ninety degrees, and a degrees is a unit for measuring the size of a angle. We also got to draw our angle!!

我相信 (this I believe)

新博客:在中文课我有机会表达我的信念,通过想法添加“我相信。从cbs爱德华R.穆罗的国家公共广播节目。这个学习选择来自Lill和G女士,他们在SIS Bayside教学。下面是我的声音,请听到我,并发表评论。有更多的声音,你可以在这里找到他们分享。

Our filming project

At school, we’re having a project of filming. It’s about choosing a time period and making a story out of it. My story is about the California gold rush. I chose this topic because I think it’s fun and has lots of props. My story is about a couple of children teleported into a book. They found out that the time period was gold rush time, and a newspaper flew by. And they saw that the newspaper said it was there’s gold pieces in California that has found. So they decided to go to California. So they asked the man with the wagon the man is called Mr. Charles. They went on top of a mountain and found some places to pan gold so they start they found three pieces of gold, and they need to pay Mr. Charles one gold. When they fill hungry they went to Mr. Charles house. When they were finished eating food, they decided to go back to school. Then they teleported back and went back to class. It was really fun!!!

Chinese New Years

In Chinese New Year, we went to Cheng Du to visit our grandma. The first day when we arrived in Cheng Du, it was already 6:00 so we went to eat dinner with my grandma. When we finished eating dinner, we went for a walk when we are walking, we saw three people singing, so we gave them some money. Then, we went back to our hotel.

The next day when we woke up, we went to eat eat breakfast. When we’re done we get our stuff and went on the car to my dad’s friend house. It took us 1-3 hours to go there. When we arrived, their house is at the mountain, it high there, and it’s also cold there. When we walked in we saw two dogs, we played with them, and we ate roasted potatoes. After a while we went to walk the dogs. When we finished walking the the dogs, we went to eat dinner at my dad’s friend house. Almost everything is spicy, just one or two food is not spicy. When we finished eating we went back to the car and left.
The next day, we went to the airport. We brought two luggages, but we only took one to the air plane. When the airplane almost landed, my ears felt like it had lots of air in it. It hurt so much. When we arrived in ShenZhen, we get our stuff and went in the car. It was my best trip!