Interviewing Henny

Interviewer:So Henny, have your mom let you do something that you don’t want to do but now you understand why you have to do it?
Henny:Yes, playing piano.
Interviewer:Why don’t you like it?
Henny:Because my mom always let me play piano, she lets me practice one hour so I hate piano.
Interviewer:But why is it important to you?
Henny:Because when I’m in high school I need to use piano to show how I am successful.
Interviewer:Do you have more things that your mom needs to led you do but you don’t want?
Interviewer:What is it?
Henny:It’s Chinese cultural writing.
Interviewer:Why don’t you like it?
Henny:Because I need to stand and it’s hot.
Interviewer:Why is Chinese cultural writing so important to you?
Henny:Because my mom says that my writing is bad so she needs to led me practice.
Interviewer:ok do you have more?

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