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Athena and Jeffrey’s interview

In Chinese class, we interviewed each other. I’m Athena and this is the English version of the interview.

Athena: “Hello, what is your name?”

Jeffrey: “My name is Jeffrey.”

Athena: “Okay, my name is Athena. Today I am going to ask you a question.”

Athena: “Can you tell me a story about one thing that you didn’t like to do when you were little but now you understand why you do it?”

Jeffrey: “When I was young, my mom told me to do my homework first, then start playing. Now I know that if I play first, I become tired and I don’t like to do my homework. So I do my homework first every time now I’m used to it.”

Athena: “My dad also told me to do my homework first then start playing. Is that what you meant?”

Jeffrey: “Exactly. It’s kind of like doing something you have to do first, then doing the things that you like to do.”

Athena: “Okay. Thank you for telling me this story. Bye.”



My AMPed Project

AMPed is a project that everyone chooses a topic and tries to make the topic actually happen. For example, somebody chooses the topic teaching origami, then she would teach origami to other people. My topic is about teaching Korean. I made a iMovie with the right pronunciation of the numbers in Korean. I made a notebook with the basic words, Korean numbers, and animals. I researched many ways to teach Korean. I learned that spelling out the pronunciation into alphabet is hard. Some Korean words had the different kind of pronunciation. The challenges I faced was drawing out all the characters such as mom, dad, sister… Now, I am making a poster about me teaching Korean. It is very colorful! You would see it on the April 21!

Immigration experience

On April 10, we went to the fifth floor to learn what it feels like to immigrate from a country. We went to our Classcraft (a game) group and my group mates were Rio, Jay, Chirag, Take, and me. Jay was our father, Take was the elder brother, I was the elder sister, Chirag was one year older than Rio, which is three years old and Rio which was the youngest. We got German passports since we were supposed to act like we are from German. We were trying to immigrate to Utopia. Utopia was a place that we made up. The things are all perfect in Utopia. We had to fill out the visa with your first name, last name, the reason of immigrating, and your signature. We also had to check your health. Our group mates, well actually our family were all healthy, so we went through it very easily, but sometimes, people were just kind to our father (Jay), but not kind to us. I learned that if you are in a rich country, people might be acting nice to you. I also learned that if some workers that works in the airport doesn’t like their job, maybe they will be unkind to you. I learned that the reasons they migrate are political reasons, military reasons, economic reasons, and many other reasons. We also learned some new vocabulary words which was push factor and pull factor. A push factor happens when there are bad things happening in the country they are in and they need to move. For example if there is a war happening in the country, and you moved to another place because of the war, then it is a push factor. Pull factor happens when you like the things in the other country and you move to the place. For example, you like the way they treat people in the country and you move to the country because you like the way they treat people, then it is a pull factor. We also ate ice cream after doing the immigration experience. It was delicious. It was very fun to me.

The Trip To Taiwan

During the spring break, I went to Taiwan. In Taiwan, I went to a cat town. There were cats everywhere and people living inside the cat town always gave foods to cats. Next, we went to a place called “Shi Fen”. We wrote wishes on a big lantern and when we let go of the lantern, it flew very high that we couldn’t see it anymore. We ate a peanut ice cream and the way they made the ice cream was amazing. We also went to “Jiu Fen” and it matched the background of a Japanese movie called “Sen and Chihiero’s missing”. We also went to a tea shop that took place in the movie. The next day, we rode a crystal cable car and it went really high. We went to a beach called “Ye Liu”. There were many strange looking stones. After that, we rode a taxi and the taxi driver showed us a movie, but i knew that it was the movie called “To Busan”. I knew that it was a scary movie. Everyone in the taxi didn’t realize that it was To Busan. As soon as the scary part came out, everyone realized that I was right. I said to the taxi driver,”This is a scary movie, so can you turn it off?”, “Of course.” he said as he turned off the movie. Finally, we came back to our hotel. Before we slept, we ate a box of mango jello. It was really delicious. My mom said that she slept really late counting the money we spent on our trip. I still have no idea why she needed to count money. The next morning, we woke up, brushed our teeth, and went down to eat breakfast. The breakfast was amazingly delicious. After that, we headed to the airport. I felt a little bit tired but the trip was really fun. This is a picture of “Ye Liu”.



Time Museum

On March 23, we went to the Time Museum. The Time Museum is a place that we could see the things that the eight graders were working on. Each eight graders prepared for a project. The eight graders put the Time Museum on. The most interesting thing to me was the Morse Code. There was a website that could translate English into code. I wrote down my coding name into a paper. I learned that there are code for every single alphabet.

Morse Code




Music Concert

We had a music concert on March 21. All the fourth graders joined the music concert. Each class performed 2 songs. 4A performed Peter Peter and Wibleton to Wobleton. 4B performed the song Eastside Westside and Old Dan Tucker. Finally, our class which is 4C, performed the Canoe song and Wildcat. My favorite song was Wildcat because the harmony was very beautiful. When 4A and 4B was performing, we were waiting in Mrs. B’s room. We were silently reading in the classroom. We could hear all the sounds from the gecko theater (the place 4A and 4B were performing the music concert). I wasn’t actually concentrating in my book, but I was enjoying the music concert. When it was our turn to perform, we went out the classroom and went inside the gecko theater. Everything went well in our concert, so we were happy, but after the concert, I was very tired. because of the recorder part. I needs to blow the recorder for a long time, so I was tired and dizzy. I felt a little bit sad because my father didn’t see the music concert because of his business trip. This is the photo of us doing the music concert.



I love dogs because dogs are smart, playful, and they recognizes their owner. The first reason I like dogs is that they are smart. For example, they knows who would like to play with them, and who would like to take a walk with them, and who will sleep with them. The second reason I like dogs is because they are playful. For example, everyday when I wake up, I see my dog with its squeeky-toy in its mouth and when they knows that I am awake, the dog will jump on to the bed and lick my face to let me stand up and play with him. The final reason I like dogs is that they recognize their owner. For example, when a dog goes to a pet shop and the owner goes to another country and when the owner comes back to get him from the pet shop, even if the dog just hears the owner’s footsteps coming from outside, the dog jumps on its cage, barks as loudly as it can, scratches the cage… As you can see, dogs are smart, playful and they recognizes their owner. Now do you know why I love dogs?




In choir, we were working on 5 songs. One of the songs were called ‘Dreams of Harmony’. It included 7 different languages. The other song was called ‘Whisper’ which was written by Greg Gilpin. The next song was called ‘Thunder’. It was about a thunderstorm rolling to a warm summer’s night. The fourth song was called ‘The Crocodile’ and both alto and soprano had a very tricky harmony. The final song was called ‘Sansa Kroma’. It was a famous African folk song which had many versions. We also learned some warm up songs that are very funny. When we were in the music room waiting to go to the gecko theater and perform the songs, our music teacher gave us a beautiful scarf. My scarf color was purple and everyone liked my scarf. This is the picture of us performing choir. After performing, my father and I asked to Miss Li if she could print the music for us. She said that it is okay and she told us that she could give us the following day. My parents were really surprised of the tricky harmonies that we had and how we were not confused.



This I believe 我相信

新博客:在中文课我有机会表达我的信念,通过想法添加“我相信。从cbs爱德华R.穆罗的国家公共广播节目。这个学习选择来自Lill和G女士,他们在SIS Bayside教学。下面是我的声音,请听到我,并发表评论。有更多的声音,你可以在这里找到他们分享。 share.sis.org.cn/podcasts


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