The last day of school

June 7, 2017
Today’s almost the last day of school!! I wanna stay so badly in second grade, but I also want to go to Scotland in summer!
Is my classroom materials going to be gone? Nooooooooo I don’t want to leave my teachers! The third grade teachers will maybe give me more harder homework than before!!!!! I want just right homework oh that is just right homework Nowwwwwww!!!

Is the third grade teacher going to be mean?
Is the third grade teacher going to send us loads and loads of homework every day?
Is the third grade teacher never nice to me?
Is the third grade teacher going to scream if we do something wrong in our homework?

Dear who ever your name is I will just call you teacher or miss. If I did something wrong I swear I will beg for you to not put me in jail if you do, I say SIS is a haunted school like this: once apon a time a haunted school killed Helene J├Ągersberg just for doing a mistake…..
I actually am not writing that I swear third grade teacher I swear!! Don’t tell my mom I will do anything for you if you don’t tell my mother or my father or my grandma or my grandpa or or or or or….. Don’t tell I will give you paradise if you don’t. My dad will kill me If you tell him! Remember don’t tell don’t tell DONT TELL!!!! Oh tell small small small problems only ok? So bye bye people that are reading this or are you my third grade teacher reading this now!!


Helene’s needs diamond

I think water food air space is our most needs for our life because, we need water to don’t let our throat get dry. We need food for use to grow. We need air to make our heart pump or else it will stop pumping. And by the way you need it all clean


Magic Tree House

Dear 2A Readers,
I love Magic Tree House books because, Two kids Jack and Annie go on Past Adventures.
I like how they make it so interesting when they have to find something like a writing or save a magical librarian Morgan Le fay that is under a spell.
For example, in the book #17 “Tonight on the Titanic” they had to find a gift from a ship lost at sea.
That’s why I love Magic Tree House!!!!!!!!!!!!!