ESLR reflection

I think I have improved on communicator because I tried to listen when others are talking.
I also did my best to share my idea and thinking.
For example, at math time I shared my thinking with the class. That’s why I think I have improved on communicator.

The Lorax

I think Dr. Seuss wrote this book to persuade,inform and entertain because it persuade to plant trees, and take care of
nature but it also tells about how to do that stuffs and it made it like a fun story.


Magic Tree House

My favourite series book is Magic tree house because they have great adventure and they also teach us facts. For example, if I read Magic tree house I can be knowledgeable and I can enjoy the adventure. Like in Dragon of the red dawn I learned that no one is allowed to come to Dokyo if they don’t have the passport. That is why my favorite series book is Magic Treehouse.


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