Last day to school

Today is the last day of school . My feelings are happy, excited, and reluctant. I feel excited and happy because, I can’t wait to go on vacation! I’m also feeling reluctant because, I don’t want to go to third grade! ( I can’t believe I’m feeling three feeling at a time! )

See you in third grade!


Market Day 1

What I enjoyed about Market Day 1 was we were working nicely and I got to know Bianca better than before.
The most frustrating thing that happened to us is that, no one bought our phone holder. We were all very shy and scared when the fifth graders came.
When were doing our second Market Day, I think I would work with different people and a different topic.


Needs Diamond

I think air,food and water are the most important basic needs. The most important thing we must have to survive is air. With out air, we can’t breathe. If we can’t breathe, we’ll die in a couple of seconds! I put food and water next because, we need these to survive a full, and heathy life time. I put education and some money next because, if we don’t have some money, we can’t go to school. If we don’t go to school, we can’t learn. If we can’t learn, we can’t read, right, or even speak English! So we must have education!


Merlin Mission

Do you like to read stories with fiction and non-fiction ? If you like, then you should read Merlin Mission . Jack loves to read books . For example, I learned that Leonardo da Vinci is the person who painted Mona Lisa . I also learned that the word ” Mona” means “my lady “. Annie likes to make friends with everyone, even the animals ! This is why I think you should read Merlin Mission .