The Question of the Afterlife

Is There An Afterlife?

The question of what happens after death is a question that human race has always wondered about and never found an answer to. Now science has finally found an answer to this seemingly unanswerable question. Death is not the end to a human life but it is rather the mind freeing itself from it’s physical shell and then traveling around in the universe. It is unlike religions tell us, heaven or hell, but it is much more like your mind traveling around in the universe.

To explain to you why there actually could be an afterlife I first have to explain a theory that is called Biocentrism. Biocentrism is the idea that the universe is not like we thought, creating life but the other way around, that life and biology are creating the universe. If this theory would be indeed be true then death would merely mean separating the physical shell from the mind and let them mind finally be free without physical limitations. Professor Robert Lanza from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina also states that only if you learn to accept the fact that we are creating the universe and not think that the universe is creating us, your mind will become a “perennial flower that returns to bloom in the multiverse.

Another theory that Professor Robert Lanza has is that we simply accepted the idea of death but that in reality, it is just something our minds created. He is proving this theory by using the famous double slit experiment. In this experiment an electron is being shot at wall with two holes in it. When somebody is watching or recording the experiment, the electron acts like a bullet and passes through one hole. If nobody is watching the electron on the other hand, it will act like a wave and pass through both holes. This experiment is proving that our conscience is actually affecting particles based on our ideas of them. Because we think it is impossible for an electron to go through both holes at once, it will only go through one as this is our reality of how the electron acts. But when our conscience is not interacting, the electron will act in a completely different way, something that we think of as impossible. This proves that the human conscience is influencing particles based on our idea of them which could mean that death is an idea we believe in.

Another reason why I believe that there is an afterlife is because of near death experiences. Near death experiences are memories people have when being close to death or even dead and then being brought back to live. People that have had this experience are supposedly seeing their lives flash all over again or detach themselves from their bodies and float around in the room and watch themselves while under surgery. This either indicated that these people are hallucinating due to the huge shock or that their mind is preparing to split from their body. According to scientists, a person who is physically dead shouldn’t be able think at all, but most people who have had near death experiences state that they were thinking more clearly than they have ever before. This is proving that when our physical body dies, our mind is splitting itself from it and preparing to move along without it.

Based on all of these theories and events, I believe that there is an afterlife. I believe that our mind is able to influence particles and therefore that death is only something our minds created and that physical death is possible but mental death is impossible.

I Wish Poem

I Wish

I wish I could be a littler taller,

like a baobab tree

so tall and majestic

but I’m not

I wish I could be more like my father,

who can talk to anybody

and is nice even to strangers,

but I can’t

I wish I could be more like Manuel Neuer,

saving shots from professionals

and command his team while doing that

but I can’t

I wish I could be more like my sister,

having straight A’s through school

and still be at home a lot

but I can’t

I wish I could be a genius,

solving math equations in seconds

and knowing everything

but I can’t

I wish I could write good poems

like it rhymed for every line

and do that in seconds without sweating

but I can’t

I can’t be everything I want to be,

I can’t do everything I want to do

but all of what I can do and be,

is what makes me, me.

How to Avoid Your Cat from Urinating on Your Furniture

Gerald Wu

Mr. Lill

9B Writing

March 18, 2015

If your cat pees on your bed, couch, mat, children or anywhere he/she shouldn’t, do not hit him/her as a punishment. Do you think your bed is a comfortable, soft and secure spot? So does your cat. Cats prefer to urinate in a soft and secure area, which is why it is natural for your cat to urinate on your bed. However, some of the cat owner would hit their cats when they urinate on furnitures, after all, violence is not a solution. So where should a cat urinate? And how exactly can we get your cat to do what we want him/her to do?

First of all, it depends on where you would want your cat to urinate. In my case, I prefer having my cat using a litter box with cat litter in it. It keeps the cat litter contained, it is much easier to clean and it weakens the feces smell. Although your cat might still be able to scoop some cat litter out after he/she uses the box, this can be solved once you put a mat in front of the box. After you’ve filled the litter box with cat litter, the steps to get your cat to use the box should be very simple.

Bring your cat to the litter box and put him/her inside. Hold both of his/her front legs and dig around inside the litter box. Make sure your cat feels the softness and let him/her get use to it. However, not all cats would get use to using litter box due to the fact that the litter box is a brand new place for them; and even though cats are curious, they still wouldn’t use an unfamiliar or new location for excretion. If this is the case, then it would be a little unfortunate for you, because you would have to collect some of your cat’s excrete. Whether you choose to use paper, sponge or whatever works, as long as you get the excrete smell, it will work. Once the excrete is collected, put it inside your cat’s litter box, this way your cat will recognize the smell and think of the litter box as where it excreted last time, and he/she will always use the litter box from there on. If all of the methods above takes no effect on your cat, then……you should blame your cat for being so messy.

Cats are a type of animal who always like to keep themselves clean, which is why as long as they are provided with a certain location to excrete, they will never ever make your house messy again. In my opinion, cats are very self-manageable and don’t need much human care, therefore, if you are someone who wants a companion yet doesn’t want to spend a lot of effort on taking care of him/her, cats are definitely the best option. In addition, cats are scientifically proven to be the healthiest pet a person could possibly have. This is because cats are gentle, soft and quiet creatures who can often calm their owners, at the same time bringing fun and relieving a lot of stress for humans.

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