Hello World!

As suggested by Edublog, I have decided to create my very first post as an simple introduction.  I’m Miss A (or Miss Atkinson) and I teach Visual Arts here at Shekou.

Super happy to be here – and excited to see how our fantastic Art students develop over the next few years.  You can learn more about me in my bio.

To keep in touch and to let you see what’s going on in our Art class, I’ve created an Instagram account (sis_missa_artclass) and a Twitter(@MissA_SIS) account.

MS students will be keeping in touch using Edmodo.  MS Parents if you would like to be added to our Edmodo classes, email me and I can send you an updated join code.  For HS/IB, we will use Office 365.  HS/IB Parents I am working on creating links, that will let you see the Content Pages for Grade 9 and IB 12 classes  (stay tuned!)

For ALL Art students besides the wealth of information online, I have created pages under Art Information with the basic Art theories and knowledge you will be expected to know.  As well, I will try to post blogs as often as possible about our Art projects, Art ideas and general fun Art stuff.

#sisrocks #artrocks  #sisart #issedu

If you have any questions, suggestions or idea for me, please email me at a.atkinson@sis.org.cn

*Also, I am in the midst of updating and re-organzing this blog – trying new ideas/strategies layouts, so thank you for your patience.

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