Exploring Mandalas

For our first Elective Art class, we decided to explore the theme of Mandalas.  To get us started we looked various mandalas from across different cultures and were particularly impressed by the sand mandalas done by the Buddhist monks.  (Check out my YouTube Mandala Playlist)

After we were pretty comfortable making our own Mandalas, we decided to get into groups and create designs that could be used for Sand Mandalas.  We thought that in the videos, the Buddhist Monks made creating Sand Mandalas look easy, so how hard could it be?

Well……it was more difficult than we thought!  Finding the right tool proved most challenging.  But the creativity and inquiry based learning that took place while we experimented with bottles, paint brushes, toothpicks, paper funnels….. etc…. was phenomenal.  Also, a warning for those wanting to try it themselves:  face masks are invaluable!  (Protection against wayward sneezes, coughs, sudden gasps of laughter and well, breathing).

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