Yeah it does!  And SIS Electives is proving it!

Still exploring our Mandala theme, we decided to get nature involved… so we found some really smooth rocks and decided to ‘mandala’ them.

Ok…. maybe I am making it sound too easy.  First we studied the colour wheel to make sure we knew about colour theory and what colours work together well.  Then we practised creating circular dot patterns -focusing on colour relationships and creating the ‘perfect dot’.  We actually had to order the rocks (thank you taobao!) because we couldn’t find large, flat and smooth rocks around Shekou… and we found special dot tools (again thank you taobao!) that made our life sooo much easier.

We painted our rocks black first to give them a nice smooth base… and then, we got to work.  Making lots… and lots of dots.

Check out our finished rocks!

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