Don’t judge a book by it’s cover….

But that is exactly what we did in MS Electives!

For our final project, we explored Book Cover design.  This was a fun project – as it was also our first commission!  Mrs. Elliot, Bayside’s Librarian asked if we could create some art work that she could display in the library.  Some thing to do with promoting reading …. and of course art.

So, in class, we discussed what makes a book look interesting to the reader.  Maybe the story inside is very captivating – but how will anyone know until they read it? What makes them pick it up in the first place? THE COVER.

For artists, it is challenging to design a book cover – it has to tell the story of the book -at least give some idea of what the book is about, but mostly it has to capture viewer’s interest so that they will pick up the book and want to read it.

We spent some time in SIS’s library picking out books – by their cover design – choosing what books looked most interesting to us.   Then we got  to work, ripping up paper and books (how ironic!) and collaging our book covers.

You can check out our finished works (up close and personal) and the books that inspired us in Bayside’s Library.  For this project, students recorded their group reflections using FLIPGRID.  Scan the bar code to see what they had to say about their work.

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