Getting the clay out!

Finally, after much planning, Grade 9 Art Students are ready to get the clay out!

Since this was our first clay project in awhile, we experimented wiht the whole process first – creating small pieces, firing them in the kiln, glazing them and then re-firing them.

Then, we began working on our final abstracted works.

Unfortunately, we were making large chunky works of clay – and if you don’t get ALL the tiny little air bubbles out of the clay, then they may explode in the kiln.  And…. many of our works did.  I think only one or two actually exploded but then in their explosion – took out other works.   We didn’t have enough time to do the whole process again, so some student’s recreated their sculpture in magic clay.  Their works missed the glazing step – and just painted their sculptures – but I think overall – the works are very cool.

Check out our Gallery of Finished Works – and see if you can tell what the original (pre-abstraction) pose each student was making…..



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