The Great Cup Decorating Throwdown

So….I am a big fan of BBC’s Great Pottery Throwdown and so I decided to challenge my students to a mini-skill contest.

One day, when they came into class, they were asked to sit down in marked working spaces and I played a short video showing a skill contest (Season 2, Episode 2)

All materials were set out, and students were given one class to design and decorate their own cup.

Cups are glazed and ready to be judged……

The following class, two Art Experts (Thanks Ms Michaels and Mr. Guteriaz!) came in and discussed what was successful (or not) in each piece.  Then they narrowed it down to top 5 and eventually chose a winner!  Congratulations Eve for your colourful geometric design! (Honorable mention to Emmie for her Paper Rock Scissor Design)


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