Looking to some Great Artists for Inspiration

To get started on our sculpture project, Grade 7’s first started out with Artist Research.  I know what you are thinking – but it WAS interesting!

Students could choose from Georgia OKeeffe, Pablo Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein, Claude Monet and Salvador Dali.  I know, what a diverse group! And some Grade 7’s went beyond the choices and selected other Great Artists that they were interested in.

Using Feldman’s Analysis Theory as a starting point, students were to Describe, Analyse, Interpret and Evaluate the work… and then try to recreate it.   I also find that sitting down and focusing on an artist’s work in an attempt to re-create it – forces art students to deeply observe the artist’s choices and helps them get into the artist’s mind and creative development.

Check out some of our re-created masterpieces!

Since the re-creations turned out so well, I decided to challenge our Bayside teachers and students.  Selecting a range of re-created artworks, I posted and number them.  The goal is to name each artworks ‘original’ artist (not the student who re-created it – but what artist they were ‘re-creating’)  It’s a tough one.  See how well you do?

Submit your answer by email or use this form (Art7_ArtChallenge_worksheet-tzulxy – or pick up from Miss A’s Art Class)


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