Layers and Stories

Grade 7 art students are taking their Aerial Perspective ideas (see them at work here) to the next level creating Layered Paper Cuts.

They were challenged to create a composition design that told a story in ONE picture.  Students had to determine what elements of the story would need to be included so that viewers could recognize their easily recognize the story.  I initially thought they would choose commonly known fairy tales (that was my suggestion) but my student’s went further choosing books, movies and video games. (I wonder who will be able to recognize this?)  ALSO, students had to include layers showing aerial perspective.

Does it sound challenging enough yet?

Lastly, paper cut is a finicky art form – and requires a ton of planning to work out.  Without a frame – it doesn’t attach. With one mis-cut – the layer is destroyed.  Students had to figure out to attach all their details on to the frame, and how to streamline their details so that they were do-able with a limited colour palette (each layer a diffent colour) and without adding details on top.

When they were fully confident in their plan, they could select their colours and start cutting.

Stay tuned for Gallery of Finished Works!


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