close up on Shekou – lino style

For our final project of the year, grade 7 artists decided to experiment with the art ofprintmaking.  To get inspired, we explored the artwork of Shepard Fairey  and Hokusai (link to video) and learnt the technical terms for printmaking.  Click here for my youtube channel for 7 Printmaking.  Putting all our knowledge together, we challenged ourselves against our peers in a Printmaking Kahoot.  Give it try! 

Once we were confident with what printmaking is and what the general process was, we went outside to gather ideas and inspiration from our doorstep.  Students were encouraged to take close up photos of the nature and patterns on our SIS doorstep

Using their best design, students then had to decide if they were going to carve the positive or negative space and/or whether they wanted to do a simple print or a reductive print… and then they got to work!

Of course, as always, the end of the year is a buzz of activity ….. and……. lino block carving (and figuring out the reductive levels) proved a bit more challenging (and time consuming) than we thought.  However, we persevered – and although  we weren’t able to finish our printmaking series of 10 as we wanted to, we did get some good finished prints.

Check out some of our finished works:

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