force, open, juxtapose and go.

For grade 9, our final art project students were encouraged to use all the mediums and knowledge we developed over the year – and explore their own direction.  To help with direction, they were given a choice of three thematic directions (force, open, juxtaposition) and a choice of using one artist (standard expectation) or two artists (advanced expectation).

Most of our notes in class is done using Microsoft’s OneNote (online) but I have screenshot some our information screens to give you an idea of some suggested directions the students could take..

‘force’ brainstorming
sharing ideas in our class critique

After they decided their direction and expectation, students were encouraged to brainstorm and develop 3 different ideas using 2D/3D/4D.  Presenting their ideas to a class critique, students were then able to choose their strongest idea to create their final work.

All work during the project was to be documented – either in their manual sketchbooks or digital screens.  The students did an exceptional job of documenting their process and reflecting on their growth.

Check out some of the grade 9 ‘new school’ digital completed screens:

Aneri – Force
Alisa – Juxtaposition
Cindy – Juxtaposition




Emmie – Force
Boey – Force


Chloe – Juxtaposition






Erika – Open
Eve – Force
Julia – Juxtaposition
Kayla – Juxtaposition
Sunny – Juxtaposition
Kelly – Force






















…And some ‘old school’ sketchbook pages

The final works were so varied, unique and took many different directions.  Mediums chosen were watercolor, acrylic, oil paints, ink, mixed media and clay.   
Some examples of our masterpieces are:

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