gallery The drama of Grade 8 (hands… or feet)

Grade 8 is back in the art room and hard at work!  This year Grade 8 will be exploring Natural Forms.

We have decided to twist things up this year, so we are alternating classes between Miss A and Mrs Denson.  Miss A (me) will be doing artworks focused more on 3D (hands on projects.. aka mess!) and Mrs. Denson will be focusing on 2D artworks, perfecting our students drawing skills.  

So, to get started, Grade 8 art classes took to their ipad cameras and explored the drama of their own hands.  Students were challenged to take black and white dramatic photographs of their hands (or feet).  Take a look and see how they did.

The cool thing about students taking photos to explore their idea, is that then we then have a large collection of very awesome photos!  And photos are so versatile.  Check out the large collages I made for the first floor bulletin boards in honour of (and to promote) SIS’s service learning and to give a shout out to my awesome grade 8 artists!

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