gallery 6 Art Getting Inspired by PopKapi

Our focus for the grade 6 art year is ‘Defining Patterns’…. and the first batch of students in Miss A’s class got off to a colourful start.

We have decided to twist things up this year, so we are alternating classes between Miss A and Mrs Denson.  Miss A (me) will be doing artworks focused more on 3D (hands on projects.. aka mess!) and Mrs. Denson will be focusing on 2D artworks, perfecting our students drawing skills.  

We started the year off with some art theory.  Important knowledge that grade 6s (and all art students) need to be familiar with as they travel through our exciting art program at SIS.  We learnt (or reviewed) the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design and how they work together to create original creative artworks.  Then we explored the colour theory – how to create an authentic colour wheel and how the colours work together (or don’t) to create interesting colour blends.  And then finally, we explored our faces and how our faces are created perfectly with mathematical precision – and how they aren’t really that difficult to draw – if you start with the right formula.  Whew!

After all that preparation, we were ready to begin our first work of art for the year.  We decided to start with painting – but again with a twist.  We looked at artist PopKapi for inspiration.  Because PopKapi is a contemporary (working) artist, it was difficult at first to find a lot of information on him.  But the students searched the internet and found out some really interesting things about the Thai artist – like his real name isn’t PopKapi but Jakkrit Chewapanya.  And you can find his original works at his own gallery in Chatuchuk Market (one of Miss A’s favourite places in Bangkok on a Saturday morning) Drawn in by his bright colourful paintings with interesting combinations of patterns and abstractions, students got to work experimenting with their own self portraits in the style of PopKapi.



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