gallery 10 Art Taking Photos, Adding Text, Creating Art.

As a fun added project to our epic week without walls trip to Lijiang , I challenged my Art students with an impromptu photo challenge.  Besides just  collecting epic and awesome photos to submit to our Photo Contest, I also asked students to consider how photographs can be used to stimulate thoughts, comments and emotions… and how they can be combined to create interesting compositions.

First they looked at artists Jenny Holzer, Robert Montgomery, and Tim Etchell.  They were challenged to take at least 20 photos and then choose their best and add irrelevant or socially challenged text that connected to a narrative that could be associated with our trip and their photos, but that wasn’t obvious.  Whew!  Does that sound easy?  It’s not.  But the grade 10’s dug deep into their artistic sub conscious and came up with some really creative compositions.

And to add to the fun, in preparation for our next year IB challenge, our HS art students have been learning how to create screens of their ideas and sketchbooks.  For this challenge, they were further challenged to submit (only!) 2 screens that detailed their process: including photos they took and their opinions, brainstorming and idea development and final reflections.  Once again, grade 10 students did awesomely.


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