gallery 7 Art Exploring Contour – from a different perspective

Grade 7 is hard at work!  This year Grade 7 will be exploring how to ‘Define Space’.

We have decided to twist things up this year, so we are alternating classes between Miss A and Mrs Denson.  Miss A (me) will be doing artworks focused more on 3D (hands on projects.. aka mess!) and Mrs. Denson will be focusing on 2D artworks, perfecting our students drawing skills.  

Grade 7 classes in Term 2 decided to explore Contour (or Continuous) line drawing.  Much to the students horror, one of the first thing I did was take their photo (close up of their face)  Don’t worry Grade 7’s – I won’t post your photos here!  But it was necessary.

To get started, we learnt about contour and continuous line drawing techniques, experimenting with various objects.  Then we looked at the artwork of Salventius – a contemporary conceptual continuous line artist.  You can find him on instagram as Salventius.

For more video references, check out my youtube playlist – 7 Continuous/Contour Line

Using sharpies, paint markers and white and black paper, students experimented trying to create their own continuous line portrait.

Continuing on with our contour/continuous line experiments, we decided to define our space in a different way, but changing the proportion of our tools and our technique.  We attached sharpies to meter sticks, and using our own portrait photos as a guide, we tried to create a contour/continuous line drawing  – without lifting the marker from the paper (and without sitting down!)

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