gallery How Colourful can you get 6 Art?

For grade 6 painting  (take 2 with Art4EVA and Art Savage) we started with all the same development ideas learning about EOA, POD, Colour Theory and Portraiture.  For more details, check out my blog post about our first term with FAZE and the Creative Crew .

However, we decided to have a different kind of fun, by looking at a different artist – Thomas C. Fredo.  Thomas Fredo – who we found on instagram as FidoStudio – is an artist from Chicago U.S.A, who does colourful portraits but distorts them into cartoonish cubist patterns.   We loved exploring Fredo’s ideas and artwork as we learnt about Art Analysis.  Then we used our newly acquired portrait skills to sketch out our own ideas inspired by Fredo.

Before we got into the paint, we decided to focus our ideas a bit more and experiment distorting face part and learning more about blending colours.  We used chalk pastels and cut out face part pieces, taking photos of different configurations with our ipads.

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