gallery 8 Art goes out into Nature

In order to get us inspired for our new unit exploring the idea of Natural Forms, I challenged Grade 8 artists to go out into our area of Shekou and take photos of nature.  But not just any nature – I wanted close ups.  I wanted to see texture and pattern.  And Grade 8 did not disappoint.  I was so impressed with their photos, I used them to create another of our bulletin board collages.

Then, grade 8 artists, were encouraged to use ideas for their photographs and come up with a line design that suggested nature.  Something that if we looked at it – we may not be sure if its a tree or a leaf or a flower – or an abstract design – but we can be sure that it is nature-based.  Huh.  Did you understand what I wanted?  It doesn’t matter, my grade 8 awesome artists did!

Check out the grade 8 artists creating their designs.. and moving to the next step… outlining their design with yarn:

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