gallery 8 Art Nature Tiles = Amazing.

After the grade 8 artists had created their line design based on nature (see Part One of their work here) , they used the very rare artistic material of tin foil :P.  But they had to carefully shape it and smooth it around the hardened glued yarn making sure the foil was smooth – and did not tear. (Whew! It was intense)

And then, the final step: SHARPIES.  We chose to sit with a natural palette – taking inspiration from our view from the art room window.  The beautiful ocean.  So in hues of blues and greens, students coloured (carefully) in sections of their design.   And then, the final step, when the sharpie ink had dried, we used oil based black ink and (again carefully) rubbed it into our design, then rubbed it off – to create an aged effect.

Our final works turned out amazing!  I love them so much!

Gallery of Finished Tiles:

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