gallery 7 Art Attempts the Impossible

As we continued to explore ideas of perspective and the way we view art, Grade 7 artists attempted to create vector designs of precise measurements and painting techniques in order to create visual illusions (whew!)  It sounds like alot – because it is.  Grade 7 artists had to bring all their skills and focus to make these paintings not only work as a visual illusion alone, but work together with all the Grade 7 works to create a wall installation.

To get started, Grade 7 artists, developed a very specific value scale, with tints and shades.  They had to be careful to work with different colours than their neighbour -so the colours would be varied.

Next, we got out the rulers and students had to use their Mathematics skills – to sketch the Vector shape with careful precision.

Then, when the students were satisfied with their plan, they got to work painting each section of their vector.

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