HS Art

Grade 9 – Art I

Art I is an introductory class for students to learn about the elements of art and the principles of design. The course focuses on design concepts and terminology, and provides technical skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic design,  and printmaking. Students will explore the work of major artists and art movements. In art I, students will complete projects in a variety of two and three dimensional media. Students will use a sketchbook and computer devices to document their art process and idea generation which will be worked on both inside and outside of class.

Grade 10 – Art II

Art II is a studio course which builds upon the knowledge acquired in art 1. Students will experiment further with a variety of media in both two and three dimensional projects and will delve further into the study of art history and aesthetics. In art II, students will concentrate on drawing, design, advanced painting techniques, as well as sculptural projects. Students will use a sketchbook to follow the art process of investigation and idea generation which will be worked on both inside and outside of class. This class embraces a broad world view of art and prepares students for IB art.
Prerequisite: Art I or an equivalent.

Units of Study

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Printmaking
  • Digital Design

How Students are Assessed:

Students will be assessed formatively during art classes as well as summatively at the conclusion of each art project to measure knowledge, understanding, skill progress and developing creative and critical thinking.  Students will be required to participate in classroom critiques, reflections and self and/or peer assessments.

Reporting Standards and ESLRS

In Art, students will evaluated on 4 key reporting standards for learning (based on the U.S. Core National Arts Standards) and SIS’s ESLR’s for behaviour and aptitude.



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