Submission Statement (Reflection)


A Submission Statement should be 4 paragraphs – but no more than a page. The object of the submission statement is your chance to EXPLAIN yourself; your ideas, your process and to defend how the learning standards (CREATING, RESPONDING, CONNECTING, PRESENTING) are present and relevant in your art process and your artwork.

NOTE: A nice habit to get into is to take a photo of your final work, print it and include it with your Submission Statement.

Some guided questions to follow as your write your own submission statement are: 

Paragraph 1 – DESCRIBE your work

  • What is the title of your piece? Why?
  • How did you make it?  What techniques/materials/mediums did you use? 
  • What does it look like? (Describe it like you are talking to someone who does not see. You want to describe your work so well, that they will be able to see in their mind)

Paragraph 2 – ANALYSE your choices

  • Choose (at least) 3 ELEMENTS OF ART (EOA) that you used in your work.  Describe why and how you used them (be specific).
  • Choose (at least) 2 PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN (POD) that you considered when making your work.  Describe why and how you used them (be specific) and what effect they create in your work.

Paragraph 3 –INTERPRET your choices and influences

  • What was your original idea?  As you were working on the project did you change your mind?  Why?  Did anything else make your project change?  What?  Why?
  • What gave you inspiration?  Many different things could have inspired you (the work of other artists, discussions with classmates, looking out the window, internet searches…. Try to track down where you got your ideas, why you liked them and how you used them in your work. 
  • As you worked through the project, did you notice any connections?  These could be connections with other school subjects, with projects you had done before, with different cultures that you are connected to, places you have visited, or even connections with family, friends and the world around us.
  • Did you try anything new and/or take any risks with your composition?  Why?

Paragraph 4 –EVALUATE your final work and your art making process

  • Do you like your final work?  Why? 
  • Looking back, what do you think the most challenging part of the project was? What part did you most enjoy? Why?
  • If you could start again, would you do anything different?  What? Why?
  • Where would be the best place to display your work?  Why?  How should it be displayed?